Cleaning Out Before Christmas

Friends ~ We apologize for the lack of posts here over the past couple of months! The school year has kept all of us Builders quite busy, leaving little time to sit down to write a thoughtful post. We pray that all of you are having a blessed Advent thus far, and we would humbly ask for your prayers for each of our families as well.Shifting gears...Yesterday, I heard a radio announcer say something that stuck with me: "What if cleaning out your house was less about getting rid of stuff and … [Read more...]

Help Design My Living Room

We have recently moved into a new home, and are taking our time with decorating because: a) We have been busy with other home improvement projects, b) We hope to live here for many years and are trying to be thoughtful about how we would like our space to look for the long haul, and c) We are trying to stick to a budget, which takes some time and patience. One room that we need some help with is our living room, which has paneled molding on the walls - we painted the trim white and the walls a … [Read more...]

Moving Checklist

We are moving! After six years in our beloved house, we are moving just three blocks away to another home in our neighborhood that will give us some more room to grow. The decision to move was a tough one, especially because we have wonderful neighbors that have become great friends, but we saw this as a great opportunity for our family and we think that it is a good decision all around.Our move will happen in late-June, after a couple of weeks of minor renovations on our new house, and I am … [Read more...]

Clean Sweep

Is it just me or are norwex/microfiber cloths and homemade cleaning solution mops all the rage now? I am hearing about them everywhere!I admit I feel the urge to do some deep cleaning at this time of year. I think it is getting all the Christmas decorations packed away and seeing surfaces covered in glitter and pine needles that makes me want to shake up my cleaning routine. But do I need to run out and get Norwex/ecloth/flylady purple swipers? … [Read more...]

Our Homeschooling Routine

Happy Monday!I've had a lot of questions lately about what my days "look like."  So this is going to be a really practical and honest post about  how I/we plan (or don't plan) our homeschooling days.I'll begin with a confession.  If I am not going on a morning run, I set an ALARM for 8AM!!!!!!!!!  I'm serious.  My kids sleep in and I love it.  I am not a morning person, and neither is my husband, so I think our kids have just very gradually gotten the hint that we aren't nice in the m … [Read more...]

How to Make Hydrangeas Last

Hydrangeas are my all-time favorite flower, but until now I have been sorely disappointed every time I have attempted to bring them into my home. Within 24 hours of placing them in a vase, they have completely wilted and I have thrown them into the trash, thinking that there was no hope! Two weeks ago, however, my husband brought home three stems of light blue hydrangeas for me, and this time I was determined to make them last! Sadly, two of the three stems were already pretty droopy, but I was … [Read more...]

Fall Morning Magic

I love Kat's post about being intentional about meeting our own needs so that we can set the right tone in our household.  My biggest challenge lately has been the early morning hours.  I am NOT a morning person.  Life has radically changed for me this September and the mornings have been rough.  When my big kids get up to head to the school bus, my others all wake up as well, so we have a household that is noisy and clammering for breakfast by 6:30 am.Some days I run around and meet their ne … [Read more...]

Dream Home

After several housing situations fell through for our family this spring we have had to readjust our plans. What our family is looking for (a home on land for our boys to be boys outside) does not exist in the area in which we need to be. Which leaves us with the option of building a home, which is simultaneously exciting and terrifying. It is fun to look at all the great ideas out there and then come back to reality and see what we can actually afford. We want to create a home that is … [Read more...]

How I’m Going To Survive Summer

It's happened.  Last Friday my kids came a runnin'. Backpacks were emptied; lunch boxes stored away; school shoes placed on the lower closet shelf.  Our family together breathed a collective sigh.Summer.Don't get me wrong, I've definitely had moments where I've begun to panic thinking of all the family togetherness we'll be having or wondering if I've inadvertently left something off of our summer schedule.One goal I've aimed for in planning this summer was SIMPLICITY.  We are sc … [Read more...]

Order in Chaos

Our boys love to collect and create. But my hyper organized self has a hard time accepting the mess that comes with such creative genius. What I want hidden from sight, my boys want to proudly display (to the piano teacher, neighbors, even the exterminator). My trash is their treasure (I know this is true because I often find them creating with things I have recently thrown away). Recently a priest told me that "the perfect is the enemy of the good." I had to think about this a bit because I spe … [Read more...]