Pray for the Supreme Court this Morning

Friends, the Supreme Court will be announcing its ruling this morning at 10 a.m. on two cases related to the definition and purpose marriage. The first of these cases involves DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, which President Clinton signed into law in 1996 after Congress had passed it with overwhelming bipartisan majorities. The second case deals with California's Proposition 8, a 2008 state constitutional amendment in which the citizens of California voted to define marriage as the union … [Read more...]

Old-Fashioned Romance Revolution

Today on Public Discourse, in her piece "Our National Sex Day", Caitlin Seery aptly describes how our national day set aside for thoughtful romance has been degraded:  Valentine's Day is here again, as stores have been telling us for the past month, with piles of red-cellophane-wrapped chocolate and heart-shaped doilies in every window. This holiday--once an opportunity for husbands and wives to show their love and affection for each other, to bring back some of the romance that so easily … [Read more...]

A decade of blessings: From morning bagel dates to the catering menu.

Ten years ago right now, February-April 2003, it was our senior year at Princeton and we were in the thick of thesis completion. My boyfriend (now husband) and I loved to meet on those crisp mornings at Panera in town, picking up Cinnamon Crunch bagels and hazelnut coffee then smuggling them into Firestone Library to get an early start on the day's writing.So no tradition is more meaningful or fun than taking our crew to the Panera up the road for Cinnamon Crunch bagels and coffee on a … [Read more...]

The Fireworks Are For Him

My husband was born on the Fourth of July.  As a small child, he really thought that the fireworks were for his birthday each year.  That leaves a lot to live up to in the celebrating department.  He is also an extrovert who loves to be surrounded by people and at the center of attention, so his birthday is his second favorite day of the year.  (His absolute favorite is Christmas Eve).Usually we are at the beach on the 4th, but this year, with a 2 week old, we decided we had better stay put … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Make your “trip” more like a Vacation

A long time ago, my friend Mary Ellen wrote about how traveling with a family is a "trip" and not a "vacation." This was an "ah-ha" moment for me, because it helped me to change my expectations and to understand why I was so exhausted after vacations!  In an ideal world, I think, everyone needs a little bit of vacation, but for most couples it is hard to get away without the kids.  This weekend, we took what was most obviously a trip -- three days touring Gettysburg National Battlefield, as a c … [Read more...]

Keep Your Cool, Mama

Tuesday was a day of one minor disaster after another.  I won't list them all here, though it is rather comic, but they included things like overflowing the dishwasher three times (requiring a repairman) and dropping a dish of cooked rice all over the kitchen floor (and the repairman).By the end of the day, there was nothing left to do but laugh.  One of my children counted and told me that it was 17 things that went wrong.  I am still adding to the list (at the end of that long day, I fo … [Read more...]

On Mother’s Day, Our Husbands Shine

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful mothers out there!I don't know about all of you, but yesterday I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all that my husband does for our family. Sure, the day was about celebrating mothers, and my husband and children did a great job of making me feel special and loved. I woke up to beautiful flowers, an enormous balloon, sweet cards, and a delicious breakfast, and the day ahead was relaxing and filled with family time. What could be better? … [Read more...]

Cohabitation: A Preparation for Divorce

One sweet neighbor of ours "C" is a never-married single mom, 29 years old, raising four-year-old and seven-year-old boys. She has a boyfriend, a never-married single dad of one daughter. We have noticed that her boyfriend is over more and more. "C" and I have a nice friendship. I recently asked her about getting married and reminded her that they could even be reconciled and married in the Church since they have no prior marriages (both are cradle Catholics). She blushed and said she'd say yes, … [Read more...]

My Own Passion

After a long church service today, with kids climbing on me and whining and trying hard to be quiet, I was spent by bedtime.  I read the children the Good Friday part of The Very First Easter, which we began reading yesterday before the Mass of the Lord's Supper.After I read, my 9 year old daughter said something that I want to remember forever.  She said "Christ died on the cross because He had the power over life and death, He knew how much it mattered.  I think I would do that if I could, … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day

The NYT says it is about immigrants, not Irishness, and sure as we celebrate the hard work and sacrifice of our Irish ancestors, and respect those immigrants from another nations working to build a better life for their families, in our house it is also about the faith that our forefathers brought with them from Ireland to New York, and the Saint who brought that faith to Ireland and taught about the Holy Trinity.  It is about the Church that they built in this country, a beautiful Cathedral in … [Read more...]