God always provides

We've had an interesting few weeks out here in the West, I have to say.It started with a planned 3-month move for work to a town 8 hours away, and the road trip that we made (with our cars packed to the gills with essentials + our daughter + 1 car seat that takes up half the car + our dogs) was thankfully uneventful. Ok, ok, ok, maybe there was a non-essential or two, but it's summer and why leave the ice cream maker at home I always say. Anyhoo, I will spare you pictures if what that looked … [Read more...]

Screen Time: Where We Are Right Now

Since creating Building Cathedrals over 7 years ago, we have had several conversations about screen time. Each of our families has worked hard to find the balance that works best for our particular situations; our decisions have involved factors such as the ages and the personalities of our children, our own comfort levels with technology, sibling dynamics, housing situations, etc. Currently, my children are 10 (boy), 6 (girl), and 4 (girl), and our baby is due in September.We have typically … [Read more...]

Redemptive Haircuts

There is a curious barbershop on our military post, near where my husband goes to work each day. It has an inauspicious brick exterior and erratic hours. For the first couple months we lived here at Fort Leavenworth we tried to figure out how to get haircuts at this place... we had heard they were $4 apiece! My husband took our sons in a couple times and was told that they could only get their 30 minutes in a barber chair with an appointment. It seemed inconvenient, but we gave it a shot. The … [Read more...]

Flying soon?

With spring and summer family vacations being happily planned in many homes, I thought I’d take a turn at posting on “traveling with infants” with a focus on flying. I know we’ve had a few travel posts here at Building Cathedrals – ones that are full of great tips that I will be continuing to reference as we hopefully add to our fold! – but in Pia’s first year we’ve traveled frequently and found a few things that work specifically for infants. In general, the biggest thing is to not forget to pla … [Read more...]

Snow Excuse?

My kids have been home from school today thanks to a prediction of snow here in our "southern" town.  It is all rather funny because as of 4pm, we've had only a few flurries! It is blustery and cold outside, but reason enough to cancel school? Definitely not. Yet how were the "powers that be" supposed to know? They don't foresee the future. No crystal ball is in sight. They make a decision based on the information given to them… and today they're getting an earful.It is days like this that re … [Read more...]

“God’s Double Agent” Book Review

Recently, the editors of Patheos offered us the opportunity to read and review Bob Fu and Nancy French's new book entitled "God's Double Agent: The True Story of a Chinese Christian's Fight for Freedom." I gladly accepted, as I have been interested in the topic of religious persecution across the globe for quite some time now. As I finished the book, I came away with one dominant thought: Every American needs to read this book.Despite recent attacks on religious freedom in the United States, … [Read more...]

Consignments: Worth their weight in gold!

Recently, a dear friend passed on an extra ticket to a local baby and children’s consignment sale slated for the end of last week. I had known about the sale for a few weeks and thought I would check it out, but honestly wasn’t sure of what to expect. This was certainly the case since for many of the items we have needed for our daughter since she's been born, I’d much rather have new simply because we want more children and I feel they’ll have a longer shelf life that way. Further, I think I hav … [Read more...]

How to Make Hydrangeas Last

Hydrangeas are my all-time favorite flower, but until now I have been sorely disappointed every time I have attempted to bring them into my home. Within 24 hours of placing them in a vase, they have completely wilted and I have thrown them into the trash, thinking that there was no hope! Two weeks ago, however, my husband brought home three stems of light blue hydrangeas for me, and this time I was determined to make them last! Sadly, two of the three stems were already pretty droopy, but I was … [Read more...]

Building Cathedrals’ Midwest Expansion

We are beyond excited to welcome Queen B to our Building Cathedrals family! Below is her first post. Queen B, I don't know how you managed to squeeze in a blog post in the midst of your very busy week, but we're glad that you did!I can't tell you the number of times that I shook my head in disbelief this summer, realizing that it has been ten years since I graduated from college.  That means that it has been over ten years since I last bunked as roommates with Katrina, hit the Princeton r … [Read more...]

Supporting Loved Ones Who are Sick

As we get older, we know more and more people who are hospital or home-bound for a period of time for one reason or another. I would love some advice from those of you who have experience on how best to support loved ones who are seriously ill, and also on how to support their caregivers. Is there anything that is specifically helpful for people who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment? Both suggestions for hands-on help and help from afar would be helpful, since many of us do not … [Read more...]