Birthday Cake Help!

Ladies, I write to you on this Monday morning looking for some culinary advice. My almost 6-year-old would like a frog cake for his birthday party, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about making it! The last time that I attempted a frog birthday cake, the guests all thought that I had made the Arthur character - somehow the frog eyes looked like glasses. I'm considering just making a round cake, frosting it with blue icing to look like a pond, and sticking plastic frog figurines on … [Read more...]

La Dolce Vita

Dear friends, we are in week #2 in Rome. The kids are thriving on all the sunshine and good Italian food (there's my happy boy enjoying Nutella pizza outside St. Peter's Basilica), we are filled with grace from our daily visits to holy pilgrimage sites, and we are reveling in all the unique aspects of family life in Italy.There are fewer comforts and conveniences, but people take life more slowly and seem to embrace it more here. Things like line-drying our wet clothes in the sun, eating the … [Read more...]


We got some new patio furniture, which came with a free toddler bed. … [Read more...]

Why I need a camera on my phone

h/t to Jonathan for the photo … [Read more...]

Under Water

My kids have been sick, on and off, for the entire month of march. Not all of them, but one or two at a time, and not really sick, just sort of stay in your pajamas until 11:30 and ask for toast sick. They have also been mean, tired and bickering almost constantly, and there has been a major rain storm for several days each week. March has been a bear, and I am glad to see it go. … [Read more...]

Random Thoughts, New Baby Edition :)

Over the past couple of weeks, our family has been enjoying lots of quality time with our newest addition, little Caroline Rose. The older kids are having a great time playing with their baby sister, and we're all settling into the new routines and schedules of having a newborn in the house again! Here are some random thoughts that I've been having:1) I really must keep a pitcher of lemonade or iced tea in the refrigerator. Here in Texas, visitors stop by unannounced to congratulate us and to … [Read more...]

Raising Real Men

The day I received an email from Melanie and Hal Young was probably like any other day with 3 young boys. Except that the commonplace falls, bumps and bruises of this particular day necessitated our first ER visit (I know, not too bad in 9 combined years of little boyhood). "Would you be interested in a review copy of Raising Real Men?" They asked.Still shaking from our first ER visit, I laughed at reading the subtitle, Surviving, Teaching and Appreciating Boys, (at the moment, I'd have taken … [Read more...]

Hand over the wash rag

My two year old son Gus teaches me a lot about life. The little guy has some sensory integration issues, and the more he feels in control, the better his reaction to uncomfortable stimuli. We can sometimes avoid tears and tantrums by making him feel in control. For example, after he finishes a meal Gus hates to have his face wiped. If I give him a warm rag, and allow him to wipe his own face, he does not cry or complain. If, however, I take the warm rag and very gently rub his face to make … [Read more...]

Please read what she said…

There is an important conversation about Postpartum Depression going on over at Faith and Family. I have not listened to the podcast yet, but I did read Kate Wicker's post and I really agree with her advice. I have had postpartum depression to various degrees after every single pregnancy, so I am beginning to feel like a bit of an expert on the matter. My wise OB offered prozac, but encouraged sleep, diet, exercise and B-vitamins first, and I find that if I am able to get those things, I am … [Read more...]

What My Boys Are Teaching Me These Days…

-band-aids are a necessary item at all times (even in a mom's purse!) and you can never have too many-cereal is a food group-the couch, and any part of it, can be instantly turned into a jungle gym-worms are the coolest and holding them is a MUST-tables are for standing and sitting-toilets are optional, so are clothes-balls are household decor-rough play can be a way to show affection-hair makes a great napkin-their love is enough to make a mama's heart feel like its going to explode!! I love … [Read more...]