Saying No to Fear

MaryAlice’s post inspired me to write a response.  And let me start by saying that I really respect her honesty.  I, too, have struggled greatly after Newtown.  It has caused me to think, and to rethink, about many things.  The toy guns in my house have been in my thoughts, but, more importantly, the reality of my own fear has been very unsettling. My serious battle with fear began over 10 years ago.  The death of my daughter Therese really changed me as a person.  After she died, I … [Read more...]

Talking about Sandy Hook

So what happened on Friday in Newton Connecticut is really, really heartbreaking.  I tried my typical approach of turning off all news to shield my heart from too much sorrow.  Unfortunately, everywhere I turn people are talking about Newton and the tragedy that happened there.  I stopped looking at Facebook because I thought I might have an anxiety attack on Friday evening.  But then I heard about the massacre at the local food store, from a friend, and again when I went to Church this … [Read more...]

Pop Music and Kids

From one of our dear friends: I am growing weary of listening to toddler music in the car.  My daughter will happily listen to classical music at home but not in the car.  She has heard pop music only a couple of times but really seems to love it. Do you allow your children to listen to pop music? If yes, then how to you determine what is or isn't appropriate and how do you enforce this in a consistent way? And if not, then what do your children listen to? How do you shield … [Read more...]

Why Catholics Must Not Vote for Obama

As everyone is well aware, we have an election tomorrow.  For weeks I have wanted to post about the election, but the right words just never seen to come.  Many of my most cherished beliefs have been under attack by the Obama Administration—my religious liberty, the lives of unborn babies, and the sanctity of marriage.  Such big issues, I just didn’t know where to start. But I feel a duty to speak the truth.  So here it goes.  It’s pretty simple really.  No Catholic, and really no … [Read more...]

Putting First Things First with Your Vote

In our day, sanctity-of-life issues are foundational -- not because of anyone's 'religious' views about abortion...but because the act of dehumanizing and killing the unborn child attacks human dignity in a uniquely grave way. Deliberately killing the innocent is always, inexcusably wrong. It sets a pattern of contempt for every other aspect of human dignity. In redefining when human life begins and what is and isn't a human person, the logic behind permissive abortion makes all human rights … [Read more...]

President or Sugar Daddy?

While I plan to post more thoughts on the election later this week (where I promise to really take off the gloves), I'll pass along two links as appetizers of sorts. Both pieces discuss our President's oddly paternalistic pitch to women.  The first, President in Shining Armor, is by Ross Douthat of the New York Times.  He argues, among other things, that women aren't as left-leaning on social policies as the Obama administration seems to suppose.  The second, Women Aren't Dumb, Mr. … [Read more...]

If you can read this, you must have power…

The 4 builders on the East Coast are hunkered down for Hurricane Sandy.  We have been sharing preparation tips, many gleaned from the previous experience of our Texas builders, and more recently from our own experience with Irene. Where I live, in Central New Jersey, the roads are closed, so we are to "shelter in place."  We went out before the storm and bought lots of convenience foods.  We will be able to use our stove even in the power goes out, but I think that we will want to keep … [Read more...]

How to Vote (quite literally)


It is one thing to become an informed voter and decide how you will cast your ballot. And it is important to talk to your kids about the importance of voting, but it is quite another to actually take 4 kids 7 and under to a polling location, wait in line while feeding a fussy baby, chasing a toddler, schooling a 2nd grader  and while, unbeknownst to you, your 5 year old is trying to see if your voter registration card will float in a puddle. This is precisely how they will learn just how much … [Read more...]

Social Commentary Worth Reading this Election Season

We are in the heat of Election Season here in the United States, and there are many opinions floating around out there in cyberspace. One of the better comments that I have seen regarding social issues comes via Facebook from Professor Robert George of Princeton. I'll post it here for the benefit of those who have logged off for the Year of Faith like Mary Alice. "MoveOn is the face of contemporary liberalism. Liberalism used to pride itself on standing up for the little guy, defending the … [Read more...]

Dipping a toe in to the political waters

Was any one else really embarrassed by the debate last night?  I'm not sure whether to blame the format, the moderator or the candidates, but I am leaning towards the latter.  The time clock would expire and a candidate would just keep talking and talking until finally the moderator had to interrupt.  Then, they would talk over her, or object to her interruption.  Which left the moderator in the position of having to decide whether to tell the President of the United States to sit down and … [Read more...]