Princeton Numbers Game

26,166 = # of applications received this year for Princeton's class of 20141300 = # of projected freshman to matriculate in the fall4.9% = an applicant's percentage chance of getting into the class of 201491% = the percentage increase in applications over the past 6 years74% = the percentage of applicants indicating intent to apply for financial aid$113 million = Princeton's budget for financial aidSource: Princeton sets application record for sixth year in a row … [Read more...]

Feel Good Story

So I'm a little late on this, but I came across this link today and was really inspired. Maddy Curtis, the 9th of 12 children (including 4 down syndrome brothers) was featured on American Idol and made it to "Hollywood." She is an evangelical convert to Catholicism, a cantor at her church, and the daughter of a wonderful woman who blogs here. Her mom is a big pro-life advocate, and overall I am just thrilled that Maddy is following her dream and representing her Catholic Faith so … [Read more...]

And you can donate here

Catholic Relief Services … [Read more...]

Read this and pray for Haiti … [Read more...]

Government Funded Abortion?

There is much dispute as to if the current health care bill will allow for government funded abortion. Health care reform is needed. But health care is irrelevant if you are dead. Health care reform that ensures abortion as an "essential health benefit" is inherently unjust. As Juris Mater has pointed out to us before, the single most dangerous place to be as an American is in your mother's womb.Thus far, amendments introduced to explicitly exclude abortion have been defeated, yet the Capps … [Read more...]

Palin Revisited

I realize that Sarah Palin is a pretty controversial political figure these days. It seems she is either loved or hated--less for her politics than for her her personal choices. I thought the following article was really interesting, and provided some interesting insights into how the strong emotions Palin evokes represent the cultural divide among Americans on two hot button issues: the right to life and disabilities.Here is an excerpt: Palin is controversial, in part, because America is … [Read more...]

A Campaign Issue We Can All Agree On

Today I have received several emails reminding me that there are nine days left until the presidential election -- and, though they are a bit lost in the shuffle this year, we will also be voting for our Congress and local leadership. Will you please join in a minute of prayer for our country every night at 9 pm, beginning tonight and continuing through election day? Whoever becomes our next president is going to need our prayers, as he will face issues we cannot yet imagine, as well as the … [Read more...]

More on Palin

Ok, I'm going to hit on two different things.First, I was rather underwhelmed with Palin's interview last night. Much of what she said came across as scripted and rehearsed. Putting the issues aside, her appeal lies in her down-to-earth, hockey-mom, just-one-of-us nature. Last night she seemed awkward, and very politician-like in the way she dodged questions. I'm not sure how much of this was the result of Charlie Gibson's distasteful interview tactics? He acted more like an attack dog than … [Read more...]

My favorite line from last night

"I'm not running for president because I think I'm blessed with such personal greatness that history has anointed me to save our country in its hour of need. My country saved me. My country saved me, and I cannot forget it. And I will fight for her for as long as I draw breath, so help me God." … [Read more...]

Funny Facts About Palin

Here are a few little known facts about Gov. Sarah Palin:*Sarah Palin’s enemies are automatically added to the Endangered Species List.*The diamonds in Sarah Palin’s earrings were crushed with her very hands.*Sarah Palin once carved a perfect likeness of the Mona Lisa in a block of ice using only her teeth.*Sarah Palin knows how old the Chinese gymnasts are.*Queen Elizabeth II curtsied when she was introduced to Sarah Palin.*Sarah Palin’s image already appears on the newer nickels.*Sarah Palin ca … [Read more...]