Small Changes for Modesty and Dignity

Ladies, I am finally willing to admit that I have entered the middle phase of my life. My life revolves around parenting, house maintenance and hoping to get today's bills paid before something else breaks tomorrow. All in all, it is a good phase of life, I am happy, and I am making an effort right now to embrace it with dignity and grace. I am of that indeterminate age, somewhere between 35 and 50, and I have noticed that I can't tell anymore whether the other parents around are older or … [Read more...]

5 Things in Summer

I am all about structured freedom these days, for myself and for the children. Menu planning and my grocery shopping system have totally changed my life, and more order in other areas has been very liberating.  I will have lots to say in the coming weeks about the new way that we are structuring household chores, but in the meantime, what about a little structure for summer?  I know that summer is the best time for my kids to have lots of free time, but I also want them to use that time pretty w … [Read more...]

An American parenting “culture”?

For a somewhat lighthearted read I recently went to our local library and checked out "Bringing Up Bebe", whichcame out a few years ago and explores how the French parent raise children. Has anyone read it? As a spoiler for those who haven't (sorry), there is "one way" to parent (or, rather, "educate") in France. Most chapters conclude that almost all, if not all, French parents do "x" for any number of things, such as introducing food, getting wee little frenchmen to sleep through the night (he … [Read more...]

Another reason not to dwell

"In this world you will have trouble, but take heart!  I have overcome the world." John 16:33  Some days, I find myself perpetually dwelling on the troubles of the moment or what just happened rather than looking ahead.   That was so offensive.  Why is it so hot today?  This traffic is so unpleasant!  If only I had remembered that sooner!  Why didn't I prepare better?  On such days, I fall behind and often feel full of anxiety, disappointment and unrest. Today, I found gre … [Read more...]

The Pope on Sports

Pope Francis recently shared some beautiful thoughts on sports. Red alludes to this often...the great life lessons that we and our children can learn though sports. "Enter into the game with others and with God; do not be satisfied with a mediocre 'draw,' but instead give the best of yourself, spend your life for what it is really worth and for what will last for ever." Teamwork, discipline, effort, inclusiveness. As someone who grew up an athlete and also helped with Special Olympics, the … [Read more...]

Kids and Coasters

I remember the day. I remember the feeling of disappointment.My kid was too afraid to go on the merry-go-round. Too frightened to drive the bumper cars. Too overwhelmed to step foot in the little boats that drove in a circle. I was the thrill-seeking mother who rode the Demon Drop at age 5. Was this my kid? How I wish I could beam myself back to that moment, give myself a pat on the back, and remind myself to chill.  Kids need time to grow and develop at their own pace.Fast forward 7 y … [Read more...]

Education Links!

Happy Monday!  Our homeschool year is winding down and we will be finished this Friday.  We take about 2 months off every summer to focus on swim team, theatre, and various summer camps.  We will do limited school work, mostly fun supplemental stuff, with children who are home daily.  In years past we schooled 1/2 days for most of the summer, but as time has passed I have found the summer break to be important for my sanity, and that of my kids!  Of course they do regress in certain areas, but we … [Read more...]


What have we been doing?  This.And this.And this.And I know there are some moms reading this blog who see baseball season as an absolute chore.  Dinner must be served and eaten by 5pm.  Younger siblings must be entertained on the sideline.  You tell them again and again that they cannot eat another snack.   You must remind these younger ones that they used the potty right before they left, and so there is really no need to treck across another field to use a very dirty bathroom and mi … [Read more...]

Mundo Proof

 Here is proof that we really did get the bike.  My husband rode it home from the store with the three oldest this week.  The verdict? "This bike is so fun, Mom!"  So that I don't go all Polly Anna on you, the bike will admittedly take some getting used to.  It is HEAVY with all the kids on it!   And, the kids feel super secure on the bike, which can give them a false sense of security.  I don't want them climbing in and out of the monkey bars without me, because of the danger of tippin … [Read more...]

Thoughts for Thursday– Reunions Edition

What am I cooking?Green smoothies.  This is not really cooking, but I have gotten in to a smoothie routine that really works for me.  About once a week, I make a blender full of a combination of spinach, a whole lemon and fruit.  That becomes the base and I put it in mason jars in the fridge.  In the morning, I add some sliced frozen apples and a splash of plain Kefir and blend that again.  Portable breakfast (or lunch) that is healthy, delicious and almost instant.  I am finding that this is … [Read more...]