Monitoring the Situation

Moms, Dads ----- need consumer advice stat---We are an Army family. I am married to a junior officer and we live in government-assigned quarters. This means the homes are "intimate", so I have not needed a baby monitor in order to hear a waking napper. However, we will spend the next month at my folks' house staying in a back carriage house. Thus I need a baby monitor that works well. The range doesn't have to be amazing and I think I will even be ok with one that is plugged into the wall - just … [Read more...]

Who you callin’ stupid?

Charlie (2.5yrs)-- "Mean people are stupid!"Gianna (4 yrs) -- "Charlie, don't say stupid! That's mean!" … [Read more...]

Big for our britches?

The other day I was at a party, and the man standing behind me whispered something to his wife. "Just ask her!" his wife replied, and the man then asked me, "did you go to Princeton?" Yes, but as the party was in Princeton this was not such an unusual question. "Are you one of the Building Cathedrals writers?" Now, that was exciting. He recognized me (and my name) from my picture. Now, here I was standing with someone whom I had never met before talking about Building Cathedrals. It is amazing … [Read more...]

Why you should read the Omnivore’s Dilemma:

* I just finished, and I'd like to discuss with all our readers :-)* The book is very informative, but not clinical. It is engaging and written to the layperson.* You will increase your vocabulary by reading just one chapter. The author, Michael Pollan, is an amazing writer, and witty and funny. I have never laughed so hard at someone describing their experience eating a McDonald's meal.* Pollan gives you a very clear picture of where the food on your dinner table is coming from. He studies … [Read more...]

Ninja Warrior

I'm back! From vacation ;-(Isn't there always something a little depressing about returning from vacation?We went to the beach with my extended family and had a wonderful time. In the evenings, we were introduced to a pretty funny show, Ninja Warrior. Ninja Warrior is a Japanese show in which contestants try to complete a pretty ridiculous obstacle course. A very animated and funny Japanese announcer gives the play by play, and English subtitles appear to clue us in on all the ridiculous … [Read more...]

I miss my Magnificat

Today is the first of August, which means I just had to throw away my July edition of Magnificat, and I don't have one for August.. bummer. Why I love Magnificat: You are never ever behind! This little, unimposing daily Mass companion sits on my side table in our great room and just looks at me. It is not like other scary books that glare at me. Sometimes my Bible glares at me, or the novel I have been slugging through for weeks, or the laundry basket -- they glare at me. Magnificat, on the … [Read more...]

After the Honeymoon

As you all know, I had been having a wonderful time during my first few months of cloth diapering. Using Fuzzi Bunz and microfiber inserts, with a washing machine on the main floor of our home, we have been in what AWOL Mommy calls "cloth diaper bliss." All that changed about a week ago, the Lion must have been going through a growth spurt or something, but all of a sudden we were having leaks, soaked linens, soaked laps, cloth diapers were starting to look like a mistake.I did what I usually … [Read more...]

Good NFP article

Refreshingly Frank Article on Life as a Natural Family Planning Couple. … [Read more...]

Catholic Company Reviewer Program

We here at Building Cathedrals have been blessed with an opportunity to become reviewers of material sold by the Catholic Company. The company selected us to receive free books - which we will read and then review here on the blog.While the other bloggers who are members of this reviewer program have single authors, our blog has seven. Thus, the reviews on other blogs may be posted more quickly, but we have decided to do things a little bit differently. We will offer at least two reviews of … [Read more...]

How to make sweet little old ladies very very nervous…

...or the joys of wearing your baby girl in the Ergo baby carrier :)Let me try to explain with the following story:Last Friday afternoon, I just had to get out of the house with the kids. We didn't have enough time to go to the pool, but it was too hot to be outside without being in the water. And I just needed a break. At the end of a fairly long week, I was craving a little bit of "luxury"...A trip to the coffee shop could have done the trick, but I decided to take it to the next level and … [Read more...]