Thank You, Alice

My friend, Alice Gunther, has written a book, Haystack Full of Needles, about homeschooling and socialization. Here is the a quote from the forward by Laura Berquist, as mentioned on A Family Centered Life:“It is a book about charity. It is a book about how to love your fellow homeschoolers, and how to demonstrate that love. It is a book about how to model the virtues of hospitality, kindness and patience for your children. It gives many excellent suggestions on how to find other homeschoolers, … [Read more...]

Working Mom?

“Women in your generation can do it all! Be wonderful wives and mothers and top-notch career women at the same time!”Is this line as familiar to you as it is to me? And what do you all think? I think it’s a little more complicated than that.Here’s our situation. I’m a lawyer, blessed with an ideal, flexible arrangement that allows me to work very part time and stay home full time. I work 10-15 hours each week, all in the evenings from home after my kids are in bed, except we hire a former kinderg … [Read more...]

Help us out here…

So, since we now have a new readership of hard core breast feeders, perhaps someone can advise on what I should do about my 5 month old biting me? He doesn't have teeth yet, but he is teething, and he is quite enjoy a chomp and pull maneuver which makes me scream out loud. He tends to do this towards the end of a feeding, when he is getting bored and playful.Also, loyal reader K is having a problem with whining with her two year old, especially when they have been travelling on the weekend, … [Read more...]

SwaddleMe… will you marry me?

GREAT thanks to you ladies who recommended this product. My angel baby was fast becoming addicted to cosleeping, and her sleep was getting lighter and her mood fussier. I've never been able to make swaddling with a regular blanket work for me, perhaps because my larger babies can get their arms out easily, so the swaddle loses its snuggling effect. And then came SwaddleMe.I comfortably SwaddleMe'd Angelina last night with her soft arms tight against her chest, popped the pacifier in her mouth, … [Read more...]

The Great NFP Battle

For an interesting post, touching upon many of the same themes we have been discussing here, check out this article from And Sometimes Tea. And no, it's not my other blog, different Red. … [Read more...]

Gender Confusion

Dash (age 2.5) likes to talk about what he wants to be when he grows up.This week he wants to be "a flatbed truck driver with a forklift."Tonight Grandma asked him, "What is Mommy was going to be when she grows up?"Dash: "A Daddy."Grandma: "And what is Daddy going to be when he grows up?"Dash: "A Grandma." … [Read more...]

Women’s Lib?

Mary (age 3): I am a mommy doctor. I am a mommy and a doctor, so I have two heads, a mommy head and a doctor head. One head comes out of my cheek. … [Read more...]

A Means to an End

My brother was married this weekend, and naturally this got me thinking about family and relationships. As parenting is never far from my mind these days, I was also thinking about the attachment parenting and breastfeeding discussions we have been having here, and I was surprised to find some important lessons for my own parenting.I come from a remarkably close knit family. As young adults, my brothers continue to be one another's best friends, and though they are living a hip life in the city … [Read more...]

Ecological Breastfeeding–A Crunchy Catholic’s Dissent

For those unfamiliar with this blog, here's a few of my crunchy credentials: I cloth diaper, I make my own granola, I've had a non-hospital birth, I shop at a farmer's market, a good deal of my food is organic, I own the Ergo baby carrier, I exclusively nurse my babies for six months and I continue nursing well-beyond, I frequent Rod Dreher's Crunchy Con blog, and, as revealed in a previous post, I'm considering growing a moss backyard :-)But despite my general tendency to embrace a "natural" … [Read more...]

Putting Down Roots

With the recent purchase of our new home, GG and I have taken to our green thumb past...I was a landscaper the summer before entering Princeton, flower planting, weeding, trimming, etc. for hours and hours in the hot sun. It was nothing less than slave labor, but I loved the feeling of having my hands in the dirt and wiping my face without a care of how smudgy it would look at the end of the day. GG was a Maine woodsman, attending over 10 summers of boys' camp at Camp Wynona in the beauty of … [Read more...]