Bringing Up Boys

It has now been a few weeks since I finished Bringing Up Boys by Dr. James Dobson, but I must say, his words have surely resonated in my head a few times since then, compelling to me to mother my two beloved boys in a certain way.  It was a fantastic read and one I feel is worth digesting, especially for parents and grandparents of little boys!  Dobson lays out a clear, conservative message in his book.  Boys will be boys, and there aren't two ways about it!  His initial chapters outline the biol … [Read more...]

Soft (drink) addiction

I noticed my all-time favorite blogger Danielle Bean is giving up Diet Coke. My addiction is to Diet Dr. Pepper. I've tried in earnest several times. I always give it up during pregnancy, excepting the occasional happy indulgence. Unlike Danielle, when I have the first sip after pregnancy, it doesn't taste like a mouthful of chemicals... it tastes like a mouthful of bliss. It's the reward after a long nine months in the desert.I know all the arguments--it has no nutritional value, it's made 100% … [Read more...]

Hot Fun in the Summertime

We are having a heat wave here on the East Coast, and with poor sleep and dehydration, tempers are flaring at my house. This afternoon I seem to have hit on a solution as I suggested they squirt each other with the hose. It is wonderful and simple, just the sort of blessing that comes with not having too much. Later on in the day, we will treat ourselves to popsicles. The pictures above are from last summer when we escaped to the beach at Grandma's, Red's town pool and the sprinkler at the … [Read more...]

Popping Out of the Bubble

In response to B-Mama's last two posts, I also want to apologize for jumping down your throat, and I wanted to share that leaving the graduate school environment was a very difficult transition for me and for my family, and I am not sure we are even finished getting over it yet.My husband and I went straight from university life at Princeton to grad student housing at Uva, and I have to admit I just loved the dorm like environment. I lived with my parents until I was 18, then a University owned … [Read more...]

A Quick Follow-up

I want to follow-up my previous posting about strollers with a simple apology.  I used my irritation with a brand of strollers to pass judgment on people, particularly a community here about which I know very little!  We are adjusting and I am attempting to find my niche in an unfamiliar area, which has definitely put me on the defensive (as it has in the past on certain visits).  That said, I am sorry I used this blog to be a poor representative of Christ and His message of love and acceptance o … [Read more...]

Maclaren Much?

As the boys and I begin to get a feel for our new area, we've been venturing out and enjoying various hotspots in town.  A few of our earliest outings have been to the newer shi-shi outdoor mall a mere five minutes down the road.  I so love many aspects of this mall.  It is brimming with activity, including a children's train that circulates around the interior walking space and toots its horn (my little boys are crazy for it...)  I love that it has favorite haunts such as Nordstroms, Crate and B … [Read more...]


This morning, I am truly thankful for my husband, ET, and for all that he does for our family. He has been away since Friday for a weekend with "the guys," an annual tradition, and I know that he will come back refreshed and renewed - they're a great group of men! There's nothing like a weekend on my own with the kiddos to remind me of how blessed we are to have a daddy who is so interested in being involved in the day to day life of our family's life...C has been asking for his daddy all … [Read more...]

Thank You, Alice

My friend, Alice Gunther, has written a book, Haystack Full of Needles, about homeschooling and socialization. Here is the a quote from the forward by Laura Berquist, as mentioned on A Family Centered Life:“It is a book about charity. It is a book about how to love your fellow homeschoolers, and how to demonstrate that love. It is a book about how to model the virtues of hospitality, kindness and patience for your children. It gives many excellent suggestions on how to find other homeschoolers, … [Read more...]

Working Mom?

“Women in your generation can do it all! Be wonderful wives and mothers and top-notch career women at the same time!”Is this line as familiar to you as it is to me? And what do you all think? I think it’s a little more complicated than that.Here’s our situation. I’m a lawyer, blessed with an ideal, flexible arrangement that allows me to work very part time and stay home full time. I work 10-15 hours each week, all in the evenings from home after my kids are in bed, except we hire a former kinderg … [Read more...]

Help us out here…

So, since we now have a new readership of hard core breast feeders, perhaps someone can advise on what I should do about my 5 month old biting me? He doesn't have teeth yet, but he is teething, and he is quite enjoy a chomp and pull maneuver which makes me scream out loud. He tends to do this towards the end of a feeding, when he is getting bored and playful.Also, loyal reader K is having a problem with whining with her two year old, especially when they have been travelling on the weekend, … [Read more...]