For Nursing Mamas

Happy Earth Day to all the crunchy folks out there!In celebration of the planet, the creators of Bebe Au Lait nursing covers have launched the new "Simple" line of fantastic Hooter Hider covers made from Organic Cotton. Savvy mamas now have the option of "going green" with the new cover, featured in a variety of colors--raspberry, peacock, buttercup, steel, and willow. I can't wait to pick up one of these before our next bambino! Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Let’s Ban Advertising Aimed at Children

Gianna is involved with a homeschool Co-op. The Co-op meets every Friday morning. At the end of the year, the Co-op has a "spotlight" night where the students show off their hard work from the semester. My daughter's preschool class displayed, among other things, simple questionnaires (with answers). Below I've reproduced the answers that one child gave:Did you know that 96% of school age children recognize Ronald McDonald? Only Santa Claus ranks higher.I read Fast Food Nation back in January. … [Read more...]

Strong, practical love

When ET and I were on our honeymoon in Vancouver, we went to daily mass at a wonderful little Catholic church down the road. Over the course of the week, we got to know a wonderful older married couple, and we are still in touch via "snail mail" to this day. As we said good-bye on our last day in Vancouver, they gave us a wonderful gift: a plaque that's meant to hang in a window, with the following prayer on it:A Marriage PrayerLord, help usto remember when we first met and the stronglove that … [Read more...]

Why God Made Brothers

A field, a frolic, a tumble. … [Read more...]

Papal Visit

Pope Benedict arrives tomorrow. When he lands, President Bush will greet him at the airstrip. He is the first head of state the President will greet at the airstrip. Here is a transcript of the interview of President Bush about the Papal visit, courtesy of Raymond Arroyo, News Anchor for EWTN Global Catholic Network.Enjoy!UPDATE: For those of you interested in the video, rather than just the transcript, click here. … [Read more...]

Parenting Style

What type of Parenting Philosophy would this fall under? :-) (This is not a Rick Astley video, I promise.) … [Read more...]

Pope Benedict’s US Visit

The USCCB has a great website devoted to the Holy Father's visit to the United States next week. There is a "Teaching Resources" section that has lesson plan ideas by grade. Just in case anyone is interested! Dash always gets so excited to see the Pope on TV. There is also a new blog called First Heralds to check out about teaching toddlers about the Catholic faith. … [Read more...]

Touching on Parenting Philosophies… with a Ten Foot Pole

Rather than hash out which way is The One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Parenting Philosophy (I think it takes about 2 minutes of motherhood to convince any sensible woman that there's no One True Way for every family), maybe we can do it this way... what is your parenting philosophy and why does it work great for you?Personally I lean heavily toward routines, and I was this way from the beginning. My epiphany came, as most of my epiphanies do, on the stairmaster in the gym. I was 7 or so … [Read more...]

Blogging Praises

I am singing praises from afar for the new lungs received today by a woman with Cystic Fibrosis! Her husband has been blogging about their journey from the early stages, one complete with a miraculous pro-life twist! They would so appreciate the prayers of any and all... … [Read more...]

Impressing the ladies :)

Our little man is almost 4, and he absolutely LOVES getting the attention of older kids, especially older girls! He'll do just about anything that he can think of to impress the ladies - showing off his ability to hop on one foot, saying in a very loud, commanding voice, "I'm so strong that I can lift a chair" or "I have very sensitive eyes, like a cat," or flexing his little arms and saying, "Look at my muscles, grrr!" Usually this elicits a roll of the eyes from the older kids, although some … [Read more...]