Cleaning Out Before Christmas

Friends ~ We apologize for the lack of posts here over the past couple of months! The school year has kept all of us Builders quite busy, leaving little time to sit down to write a thoughtful post. We pray that all of you are having a blessed Advent thus far, and we would humbly ask for your prayers for each of our families as well.Shifting gears...Yesterday, I heard a radio announcer say something that stuck with me: "What if cleaning out your house was less about getting rid of stuff and … [Read more...]

What Are You Wishing for this Christmas?

With Christmas Day just a little over a week away, all of us are asking the question, "What are you wishing for this Christmas?" If you were to ask my children, they would say that they are wishing for a marble run, a 4D puzzle, and a Mulan doll. My husband would probably mention something technology-related, and we would both probably say that we would love to have a date night that doesn't involve holiday parties and school concerts!All of these Christmas wishes are great, and we have a … [Read more...]

Jesse Tree – It’s Not too Early to Start Planning

The beginning of Advent often sneaks up on me, meaning that I am only sometimes successful with family traditions like the Jesse Tree. This website has some great tips on planning for doing a Jesse Tree with your family this year, and it also contains a link that you can use to purchase the materials if you're not feeling crafty this year (I would fall into this category most years!). In the past, I have also printed Jesse Tree ornaments from this website, and then simply taped them to a wall in … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, dear friends!Although the calendar new year is just under a month away, the Church's new year began a couple of days ago on the first Sunday of Advent. Following the season of Advent will come the Christmas season, then a period of ordinary time before Lent, then the Lenten season, the Triduum, the Easter Season, and another long stretch of ordinary time before we come to Advent again. How fun it is to be a Catholic! Our liturgical year is marked by joyous Feast Days, periods … [Read more...]