The Early Bird Catches the Worm!

One of the benefits of having a clan of early risers is that we can squeeze in a whole birthday celebration - celebratory breakfast, opening cards and presents, and even trying out one of the new gifts - before having to head off to school at 8 a.m.!Our oldest turned 9 years old yesterday! Since he had to go to school during the day and play in a baseball game in the evening, we did some of our celebrating over the weekend. We started on Sunday afternoon by taking the whole family on an ice … [Read more...]

When Your Baby Turns “3”

When your baby turns 3, you......Think about selling the exersaucer. It's been sitting in your attic for 2.5 years and regardless of what the future holds, someone else could be putting it to good use right now!...Sleep through the night on a fairly consistent basis. On the nights when you need to wake up with a child who is sick or has a bad dream, you feel like a zombie the next morning and wonder how you ever woke up several times a night with an infant....Can sit around the … [Read more...]