Picture Me Imperfectly: Piles of Stuff

Focus your attention not on the bacon (yum!) or the boy in the foreground, but rather on the pile of papers on the windowsill in the background, and you will have a small example of the piles of "stuff" that are scattered throughout my house. We have piles of artwork, piles of school papers, piles of mail, piles of books to be read, and of course, piles of Legos...You name it, and we probably have a pile of it somewhere in our house! Even with regular sorting and trashing, we still have piles. … [Read more...]

Blogging in this Season of Motherhood: From Mary Alice

Mary Alice has written the following post - enjoy! My first four children were born in three years, so while some families change and develop gradually, milestones seem to hit us more like a tidal wave.  There was the intense, exhausting and sometimes very lonely time of 4 children in diapers who made lots of little messes and needed vigilant care.  I was up many times during the night.  There was another period, when the tone of life changed, of early elementary homeschooling, a blessed tim … [Read more...]