His First Homily

Here is the text, as translated by the Vatican Radio, of Pope Francis' first homily.  Short and sweet and so challenging. In these three readings I see that there is something in common: it is movement. In the first reading, movement is the journey [itself]; in the second reading, movement is in the up-building of the Church. In the third, in the Gospel, the movement is in [the act of] profession: walking, building, professing.Walking: the House of Jacob. “O house of Jacob, Come, let us wa … [Read more...]

Stabat Mater

At the Cross her station keeping, stood the mournful Mother weeping, close to her Son to the last.Through her heart, His sorrow sharing, all His bitter anguish bearing, now at length the sword has passed.O how sad and sore distressed was that Mother, highly blest, of the sole-begotten One.Christ above in torment hangs, she beneath beholds the pangs of her dying glorious Son.Is there one who would not weep, whelmed in miseries so deep, Christ's dear Mother to … [Read more...]

Easter, please?

I don't know what it is about this year's Holy Week, but I'm already feeling like tomorrow should be Good Friday with Easter on its heels.  And it's only Wednesday.What is it about weeks like this?  I have been so immersed in our little corner of the world--the details, the to-do's and checklists, the daily sprint (that feels like a marathon)-- to get through each day.   It's been exhausting.  On Monday there were so many logistics to manage, I literally had to write out every single minute o … [Read more...]