What Do You Read During Lent?

Good morning, friends! As Ash Wednesday approaches, I'm thinking about what I will use for spiritual reading during Lent. Every year I have done something a little bit different, but my format is almost always the same: I try to read for about 15 minutes, then prayerfully reflect for a period of time, and then write in a journal. Some years I have focused on reading through a particular part of the Bible, reading a few chapters a day and using those as my spiritual reading. Another year I read … [Read more...]

Holy Week Readings

Speaking of Lenten failure :), one of my failed Lenten promises was adding a period of spiritual reading and journaling to my daily routine. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to consistently keep this promise, and I am finding myself longing for some in-depth spiritual reading this Holy Week. I found a great page at the USCCB website that outlines the 7 Penitential Psalms and the 4 Songs of the Suffering Servant, complete with links to the readings and reflections as well. I hope that this resource … [Read more...]