Car Seat Advice for a Toddler

Dear friends ~I would love your car seat reviews. I have an almost 3 year-old who is tall for her age, and weighs about 33 lbs. We have a hand-me-down 5 point-harness convertible car seat that just isn't working anymore. I think that the harness straps are pressing down on her shoulders, and there isn't enough padding. She is always complaining that her back hurts when she sits in her car seat, and with an 820-mile (one-way!) road trip coming up at Christmas, I need to find a better … [Read more...]

Essence of Toddler: What’s Wrong with This Picture

"What's Wrong With This Picture" activities are among my older kids' favorites. So we especially enjoyed a real-life version when we finally located our unsupervised toddler last night right before bed.(1) newborn baby sister's pacifier compromised--check(2) destruction of electronic equipment in progress--check(3) destruction of self imminent (treacherously high up the stairs and ready to dive)--checkI am Toddler.  … [Read more...]