Tom Wilson’s “Over 40 Song”

In the comments section to a recent post, I expressed the existential amazement at our place in the universe and what we really represent within it:

I wonder what would be so alienating to you about seeing ourselves as “merely” the self-awareness of the logos of the universe as it (in Hegelian fashion) becomes self-conscious of itself through our thoughts. I find that really sublime and powerful. We are the universe thinking itself, understanding its own mysteries. Out of billions of stars and planets, WE are here one of the few (and maybe the only) species to have realized the logic of the universe in explicit form.

I honestly do not see how the religious projection to a giant human beyond this world is any more exciting and exhilarating than that.

I get the being bummed about dying part of all this but that’s about it.

Gregory is not impressed:

OK, I’m a conscious node of the cosmos, but I’m also 62 years old … and the exhilaration is being supplanted by constipation.

For another perspective, Tom Wilson (the guy who played “Biff” the bully in the Back to the Future movies) wrote a facetious song called “I’m Over 40” — see it here:

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