Why, As A Skeptic, Focus So Much On Religion?

Matt Dillahunty explains why he focuses his skeptical energies so much on religion:

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  • http://clergyguy.blogspot.com Clergy Guy

    This man is interesting and articulate, which I always appreciate. One of the minor ideas he threw out, I thought was too generalized–that people who are not doing much harm and in fact are doing good, are doing so in spite of their religious beliefs. While there is damage done in the name of religion, I know plenty of people who do wonderful things, who are kind and generous, and credit their beliefs as their inspiration.

    Regarding his main point that he spends his time debunking religious belief because religion pervades so much of people’s thoughts and actions, I offer this challenge to him. It’s the same challenge I give to religious people who spend their time debating things they don’t believe in. It’s not hard to find things that aren’t true. I’m tired of listening to people screech about what isn’t true. Please tell me something that IS true–that’s what is hard to find.