Considered Exclamations for the Secular Student Alliance

A philosophy student and Camels With Hammers fan, Andrew Tripp has joined the blogathon for the Secular Student Alliance! His blogathon is at his personal blog Considered Exclamations. He also sometimes writes for the website In Our Words, A Salon for Queers and co. 

Andrew and I met at the Reason Rally and we had a good conversation about philosophy, so I am looking forward to discovering his writing today and hope you will take the chance as well, especially if you enjoy philosophy.

Also, there have been blogathons going all over the place here at Freethought Blogs. If you haven’t yet seen the blogathon posts from Sunday and Monday at Butterflies and WheelsThe Crommunist ManifestoMaryam Namazie, Unequally Yolked, What Would JT Do, and Dale McGowan’s atheist parenting blog The Meming of Lifego to those blogs and start scrolling down and down and down!

Finally, all day today Greta has kitten pictures.

All these bloggers have blogged their hearts out for the Secular Student Alliance. Make them feel fantastic about their efforts by donating to the organization!

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