Ex-Muslim Sundas Hoorain on Becoming an Apostate and on Islamic History

Last weekend members of The Heresy Club were my special guests on The Camels With Hammers Show. Sundas Hoorain was one of them. Here is a video in which she discusses her journey out of Islam and the fascinatingly varied ways that social and cultural practices have changed over the years:

Your Thoughts?

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  • Laurent Weppe

    I must say, there’s one thing about your blog I hate right now:

    You put a ton of videos, with zero transcript (ok, these demands a lot of work to be made) and zero summaries.
    So it often comes to “Hey, I’ve had an interesting debate with people, check out this two hour long video”
    Or “check this 20 minutes long speech” which would be so much easier to deconstruct into its several arguments if there was a written version instead of having to listen several times to it hoping that youtube will not screw the streaming again
    Yeah, I know, nitpicky first-world problems. Still, I don’t think the current “put every opinion on video” fashion represent a progress.

    • http://patheos.com/blogs/camelswithhammers/ Daniel Fincke

      Yeah, sorry about that Laurent. I’ve just had a hard time getting writing time this semester. I have already been devising plans to make the audio-visual stuff more accessible. I’ve got a couple volunteers interested in transcribing these videos I’m making and I am going to be releasing shorter excerpts from the videos so they’re not so long. Hopefully at least some of those shorter videos will have transcripts. And hopefully some of the obstacles to writing I’ve had the last month will not be issues in the next two months. Hopefully.