Top 10 Reasons I Write Long Blog Posts

1. Fair argumentation means considering multiple sides of an issue. Taking into consideration other people’s views and either arguing against them or incorporating their nuances into my own views makes posts longer. 2. Thoroughness is persuasive. Being able to pack in more arguments into a single piece has a cumulative effect of strengthening each individual [Read More...]

Doing Philosophy Beyond The Academy

Steve Neumann recently asked me four questions for a forthcoming piece he’s writing on philosophers outside the academy. He said I could post my full replies to his questions here.  1. Why did you leave—or never enter—academia? The wages were exploitative. I was teaching between 7-9 classes a semester for anywhere from $2,800-$4,200 a class as [Read More...]

10 Highlights of My 1st 2 Years at Patheos

Please support Camels With Hammers with a $10/month subscription! Earlier in the year Patheos turned 5 years old and they asked us bloggers to reflect on our time here and its highlights. I never got around to finishing the post I started to write at the time. So, I decided to post it today, the 2 [Read More...]

Join JT Eberhard And Me In My Nietzsche Class! And Learn What Other Classes Are Now Running!


My online, interactive philosophy classes held over video-conferencing (Google Hangout) are back! And I am very excited to have students participating in four sections already! We are already having incredible philosophical conversations that I feel are in many ways as clarifying and searching for me as for them. I have left each class session with a deeper [Read More...]

Camels With Hammers Update, February 2014

Just a house cleaning post. The long and the short of it is simple. I’m freeing myself of the expectation I’m going to aggregate lots of other internet content.

Instead, I’m going to focus on just one substantive CWH post a day, on a designated weekly topic for each day of the week so that I give myself structure and don’t paralyze from too many choices.

Then I’ll spend the rest of my time on all my other projects and research.

No one was coming to CWH for news. You have Friendly Atheist for that. I’m going to focus on quality over quantity and shipping out any extra writing I do to other outlets besides CWH. [Read more...]

A Short Post About My Long Posts For Short Attention Span Readers

A lot of my posts are long, so I know there are some out there who don’t read the whole posts, either ending early or skimming, or who skip them altogether. I just want to write a (relatively) short post to explain that I totally get that and explain my thinking on the matter. For [Read More...]

Top 10 Benefits of Blogging for Philosophers and Other Academics and Writers

Whether for good or for ill, as a writer, I feel born to blog. For the sake of my career and my finances, it behooves me to start spending more energy on having my ideas peer reviewed and published with academic stamps of approval for the sake of prestige and added credibility. And for the [Read More...]

Introducing Tanner Campbell, Secularite, and Secular.FM

You may have noticed that I have several new projects going this year. I started a second blog, Empowerment Ethics, I started writing for a new secular digital magazine app called Secularite, and I have a new podcast called Hammering Out Ethics with Dan Fincke which will premiere in February. What all three of these [Read More...]

How Facebook’s Keeping You From What You Like

The tl;dr of the video and post below is simple. If you want to support and see all the content from your favorite websites and blogs (and I’m hoping that includes Camels With Hammers), you have to use an RSS or make stopping by directly part of your daily routine rather than passively wait for sites like Facebook to show you when there are updates.

I’ve been informed that if you go to the pages you want updates from there is a way to select to get notifications. I am told if you do this, you will get the same sorts of regular and automatic notifications as though you had subscribed to a thread. So please do that for your favorite Facebook pages if you want to still be updated through Facebook. But still that won’t always work when there are many updates to keep up with so remember still to actively visit sites.

This is an excellent video explaining how and why Facebook is now making it so that you won’t see in your feed the content from a lot of pages you liked. [Read more...]