Hemant Mehta Declares WAR on Freethought Blogs!

Hemant Mehta, the internet’s friendly neighborhood atheist linked to a really interesting article on the founding of Patheos and the philosophy of its founders. They come across more as outsiders to religion sincerely devoted to providing accuracy and quality in the presentation of a range of viewpoints and to accomplishing the Herculean task of getting the [Read More...]

The Angry Atheist Interviews Me

So, yesterday I got interviewed by Reap Paden of The Angry Atheist podcast. We discussed my biography, deconversion, my views on criticizing religious people without slamming them, my mom, the dangers of nihilism and misogyny, why trolls on the internet are so evil, politics, and more! Check it out! Plus they designed this fantastic logo [Read More...]

Camels With Hammers' New Banner!

FINALLY, Camels With Hammers has a real banner! The very talented Alexander D’Adamo, one of my former students, made it. Here’s his sketch of me drawn during class one day: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Catch Up With Major Posts You've Missed, While I Catch Up With Work

On September 23rd, I argued that we can talk about good institutions and practices humans create through culture as intrinsic goods: The Facts About Intrinsic and Instrumental Goods and The Cultural Construction of Intrinsic Goods. On September 25th, I examined what Nietzsche meant when he argued that Moral Absolutism and Moral Relativism Are “Equally Childish”. On September [Read More...]

Recapping 2: Links To Key Posts From Mid-September

On September 7th, I addressed several common questions about my views on ethics in my (under-read) post  The Contexts, Objective Hierarchies, and Spectra of Goods and Bads (Or “Why Murder Is Bad”). On September 8th, I complained when I saw Republican Candidates Take A Strong Stand Against Inoculating Girls Against Cancer-Causing Virus. That same day I [Read More...]

Recapping Part 1: Links To Key Posts From My First 15 Days On FTB

There is a growing number of great comments on my previous posts which I want to address in blog posts, there are a handful of posts for which I have promised follow ups which are overdue, and there are a number of other new topics roaming around in my head which I want to get [Read More...]

Audiences And Approaches

Our friend Crommie has written a post basically saying that he recognizes that it’s a good thing that there are people like me who write with religious believers in mind but that it’s also okay for him to write in a way that is indifferent to whether he offends them. He justifies his approach basically by [Read More...]

Freethought Blogs Is So Awesome We Broke The Internet Yesterday

Or that’s the way I like to see our servers crashing constantly yesterday because of our insane amounts of traffic. I apologize for the inconvenience to Camels With Hammers readers and appreciate any persistent refreshing efforts you may have made to read the site. We may be down again, on purpose, for reasons of upgrading [Read More...]

How To Become A Great And Successful Blogger (Volume I)

Canada on Strike Get More: SOUTH PARKmore… Okay, so maybe this past weekend you watched the bloggers behind Crommunist Manifesto, WWJTD, Atheist Experience, Voice of Reason, En Tequila Es Verdad, Rock Beyond Belief, and Token Skeptic become newly knighted as Sacred Bloggers of the Order of Freethought Blogs and thereby ascend overnight to international stardom as part of phase [Read More...]