Freethought Blogs Is So Awesome We Broke The Internet Yesterday

Or that’s the way I like to see our servers crashing constantly yesterday because of our insane amounts of traffic. I apologize for the inconvenience to Camels With Hammers readers and appreciate any persistent refreshing efforts you may have made to read the site. We may be down again, on purpose, for reasons of upgrading [Read More...]

How To Become A Great And Successful Blogger (Volume I)

Canada on Strike Get More: SOUTH PARKmore… Okay, so maybe this past weekend you watched the bloggers behind Crommunist Manifesto, WWJTD, Atheist Experience, Voice of Reason, En Tequila Es Verdad, Rock Beyond Belief, and Token Skeptic become newly knighted as Sacred Bloggers of the Order of Freethought Blogs and thereby ascend overnight to international stardom as part of phase [Read More...]

What Would Stephen Colbert Do?

The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive   If you’re anything like me, you routinely find yourself in difficult situations in life which require superhuman levels of ironic coolness, intellectual brilliance, quickness of wits, and deep personal goodness and you have to ask yourself, “What Would Stephen Colbert [Read More...]

The Camels With Hammers "Nietzsche and Morality Reader Challenge"

In a couple of recent posts, I have begun to explicate Nietzschean texts on morality and moral values and show how they support my interpretation of him as a kind of values realist who essentially could be categorized as an egoistic indirect consequentialist perfectionist. Now there are many texts that lead people to infer that [Read More...]

Hipster Blag Hag

So, you know that awesome rush you have when you discover a great new band or TV show or film that no one (or at least no one you know) seems to realize exists or is so awesome? And you’re sure that it deserves a wider audience and then one day it becomes mega-popular and [Read More...]

Why I Blog

To avoid living my entire life like this: via Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Our New Design!

Freethought Blogs got a beautiful redesign this morning! We look less squeezed and cluttered to my eyes and you can efficiently and quickly see where to find both the Camels With Hammers and the overall Freethought Blogs Recent Posts, Comments, Archives all in two multi-tab boxes relatively high up on the page on the right side. [Read More...]

Hello (Again) Freethought Blogs!

Forgive me, long time readers (or, more precisely, readers from last week), because I’m about to mostly repeat myself in order to introduce myself to the many people who will be coming here for the first time today.  You can entertain yourselves in the meantime by perusing the other newly launched freethought blogs on the network [Read More...]

The (Nearly) Full Archive of Camels With Hammers Posts Is Now Exclusively Here At Freethought Blogs

So, if you typed in today or clicked on any links to our posts, you were automatically sent here to our new home.  Welcome! Last night we finally brought all the archives from the old Camels With Hammers here to the new Freethought Blogs Camels With Hammers, so now you can click through page [Read More...]