Why I Blog

To avoid living my entire life like this: via Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Our New Design!

Freethought Blogs got a beautiful redesign this morning! We look less squeezed and cluttered to my eyes and you can efficiently and quickly see where to find both the Camels With Hammers and the overall Freethought Blogs Recent Posts, Comments, Archives all in two multi-tab boxes relatively high up on the page on the right side. [Read More...]

Hello (Again) Freethought Blogs!

Forgive me, long time readers (or, more precisely, readers from last week), because I’m about to mostly repeat myself in order to introduce myself to the many people who will be coming here for the first time today.  You can entertain yourselves in the meantime by perusing the other newly launched freethought blogs on the network [Read More...]

The (Nearly) Full Archive of Camels With Hammers Posts Is Now Exclusively Here At Freethought Blogs

So, if you typed in http://camelswithhammers.com today or clicked on any links to our posts, you were automatically sent here to our new home.  Welcome! Last night we finally brought all the archives from the old Camels With Hammers here to the new Freethought Blogs Camels With Hammers, so now you can click through page [Read More...]

Apostasy As A Religious Act (Or "Why A Camel Hammers The Idols of Faith")

As part of introducing myself here at Freethought Blogs, I decided to repost below a post I wrote in February, which should shed some light on where I come from and why my blog is called Camels With Hammers: In “The Three Transformations of the Spirit” in Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for Everyone [Read More...]

Ask Me Anything

Here’s a post (or a comments section) in which you can get to know me beyond the basics that I laid out in my introductory post. Whether you’re a long time reader migrating over to the new site with me or a Freethought Blogs reader discovering Camels With Hammers for the first time, this can [Read More...]

Hello Freethought Blogs!

Hi everybody! For new readers, my name is Dan Fincke and I am truly delighted and honored to move my blog, Camels With Hammers to the FreeThought Blogs network, which I am certain will become the center of the atheist blogosphere in no time.  I am extremely grateful to Ed and PZ for giving me [Read More...]

Coming Soon To Camels With Hammers: More Nietzsche

I wrote my doctoral dissertation primarily on Nietzsche’s philosophy. In the first four chapters, I developed a textual, systematic reading of Nietzsche’s views on metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics, and in the fifth chapter I gave my own account of metaethics which attempted, on the one hand, to further develop, supplement, and systematize Nietzsche’s best ideas, [Read More...]

My Appearance on the Ardent Atheist Podcast

So, last Wednesday night I went on the Ardent Atheist show and you can now stream it just by clicking here or, if you would like to download it free from iTunes, by clicking here and selecting episode 005. The comedians who I had the privilege of being on the show with were really great [Read More...]