Regular Philosophy, Ethics, and Atheism Blogging To Resume In April

Last week I submitted my dissertation to my adviser and my readers.  This weekend I am tying up some remaining loose ends and preparing a 25 page summary version of the dissertation to submit to my examiner, a member of my committee who reads only this abbreviated version of the dissertation rather than the entire [Read More...]

Camels With Hammers 2010: A Focus On Ethics, Rationalism, And My Favorite 366 Recording Artists

I want to take this moment to say thank you to everyone who has visited Camels With Hammers in 2009 and especially those of you who have made this site part of your regular internet reading.  Your support has been extraordinarily appreciated.   Seeing readership grow throughout the summer and fall months was a really gratifying [Read More...]

Daily Hilarity: Taylor Swift’s Saturday Night Live Monologue Song: “Monologue (lalalala)”

So on Saturday night, Taylor Swift went on SNL and performed a really funny song. (The video used to be in this post before NBC took it down from YouTube.) I was really impressed with her comic delivery in numerous respects.   She really squeezes all the comedic juice out of a fairly by-the-numbers bit of [Read More...]

Back In Blog

Hey everyone!   Sorry for doing much less original writing and letting some valuable reader comments pile up unaddressed over the last week.  About this time last week I was overcome with lethargy which by the next day revealed itself to be the first onset of sickness.  So, I blogged it easy last week while [Read More...]

Happy Birthday Dave!!!

Camels With Hammers‘s webmaster extraordinaire and occasional contributor, Dave Smith, turns 32 today.  My previous forays into blogging were so fundamentally inhibited by my programming illiteracy that I can honestly say that this blog, in so many of its most successful features would simply not be possible without Dave’s volunteered efforts.  He has really made [Read More...]


In the week that just ended we broke some milestones for readership at Camels With Hammers as we continue to steadily grow and I want to take just a moment here to say thanks, because without your visits and your willingness to support this blog with your attention, we’d be going nowhere: Thanks! [Read more...]

Camels With Hammers Philosophy

After this introductory paragraph, every sentence in this post will summarize and link a different post expressing my views, primarily on topics related to atheism, philosophy, and ethics—which are the primary preoccupations of this blog. I am organizing all of these links into this one summary statement of “Camels With Hammers’ Philosophy.” This post will [Read More...]

Are We In The Midst Of A Literacy Revolution Unseen Since The Greeks?

Clive Thompson reports that Stanford’s Andrea Lunsford thinks so: It’s almost hard to remember how big a paradigm shift this is. Before the Internet came along, most Americans never wrote anything, ever, that wasn’t a school assignment. Unless they got a job that required producing text (like in law, advertising, or media), they’d leave school [Read More...]

Introducing Sendai Anonymous

We’re incredibly excited to have our first guest contributors to join Dave and I posting on Camels With Hammers.  Earlier we saw Robert’s guest contribution on his observations at the Creation Museum.  And now we’re excited to announce that in the near future we will feature guest posts from Sara, the witty, passionate, and intellectually [Read More...]