Top 10 Benefits of Blogging for Philosophers and Other Academics and Writers

Whether for good or for ill, as a writer, I feel born to blog. For the sake of my career and my finances, it behooves me to start spending more energy on having my ideas peer reviewed and published with academic stamps of approval for the sake of prestige and added credibility. And for the [Read More...]

Introducing Tanner Campbell, Secularite, and Secular.FM

You may have noticed that I have several new projects going this year. I started a second blog, Empowerment Ethics, I started writing for a new secular digital magazine app called Secularite, and I have a new podcast called Hammering Out Ethics with Dan Fincke which will premiere in February. What all three of these [Read More...]

How Facebook’s Keeping You From What You Like

The tl;dr of the video and post below is simple. If you want to support and see all the content from your favorite websites and blogs (and I’m hoping that includes Camels With Hammers), you have to use an RSS or make stopping by directly part of your daily routine rather than passively wait for sites like Facebook to show you when there are updates.

I’ve been informed that if you go to the pages you want updates from there is a way to select to get notifications. I am told if you do this, you will get the same sorts of regular and automatic notifications as though you had subscribed to a thread. So please do that for your favorite Facebook pages if you want to still be updated through Facebook. But still that won’t always work when there are many updates to keep up with so remember still to actively visit sites.

This is an excellent video explaining how and why Facebook is now making it so that you won’t see in your feed the content from a lot of pages you liked. [Read more...]

The Myriad Things To Expect From Me In 2014

In 2014, having left adjunct teaching behind, I am going to devote myself full time to online endeavors. That means that I will write a lot more on Camels With Hammers, updating at least once a day and likely updating multiple times, so come back here frequently. If all goes well, not only will there be [Read More...]

Camels With Hammers’ Biggest Posts Each Month of 2013

As 2013 ends, I have decided to do a few posts linking to the best posts of 2013 at Camels With Hammers. The posts below were the most widely clicked on, shared, or talked about from their respective month. January 24, 2013: How To Live Happily: Have No Expectations February 15, 2013: The Camels With Hammers [Read More...]

This Weekend: A Camels With Hammers Blogathon

This weekend, I am going to seize an opening in my busy teaching schedule to get myself back into a writing habit by doing a blogathon. I am not going to prioritize quantity over quality and I am not going to make this about endurance without sleep or anything so pointless. Instead, here’s what I [Read More...]

I Want YOU To Join Me On Camels With Hammers Show Panels

I’m looking for academics, atheist activists, and atheists from every walk of life to participate in video panel discussions about controversial issues, philosophical topics, and everyday atheism matters. E-mail me at camelswithhammers at gmail dot com to let me know about your background, knowledge base, and topic ideas. [Read more...]

Be Secular Interviews, Mandisa Thomas Black and Me

Tonight at 9pm Eastern Time, I will be on Mark Nebo’s “Be Secular Interview of the Week” show. Go here to watch live and, of course, I’ll post the video afterwards. Below is his interview last week with Mandisa Thomas, a founder and current President of Black Nonbelievers, Inc. and an organizer of last weekend’s [Read More...]

Unveiling A New Weekly Schedule For Camels With Hammers Topics

I am designating a distinct topic (or sphere of topics) to each day of the week to make the Camels With Hammers experience more reliably diverse and to help readers know when they can find what they’re looking for more readily. [Read more...]