No Longer Quivering’s Vyckie Garrison Will Be…

…on The Camels With Hammers Show tomorrow at ~3pm Eastern! Watch us stream live at my YouTube page (and don’t forget to subscribe to the page to keep apprised with all new video clips). I will post the full video of our interview here on the blog afterwards and then make shorter clips.

I also have gone through and made more manageable clips of older episodes of The Camels With Hammers Show. If you scroll through my videos on my YouTube page you can see shorter clips with titles that can guide you to what most interests you about my interviews with people like Harvard Humanist and Patheos blogger James Croft, the group of young predominantly UK bloggers The Heresy Club, the thoughtful students of St. Cloud State University’s Secular Student Alliance, former Christian preacher Jerry DeWitt, and my openly gay then-Benedictine-monk John “Bede” Hazlet. (This week, John left the monastery. When I am at liberty to discuss publicly the circumstances, I hope to.) So, check out clips!

Finally, in preparation for my interview with Vyckie Garrison of No Longer Quivering, which is a fantastic hub for helping (primarily) women escape Christian patriarchy and which is the blog that launched Libby Anne’s Love, Joy, Feminism career, read my interview with her from a year ago. [Read more...]

Your Comment Wasn’t Deleted, I Just Found 42 Missing Comments!

Hey everyone. If you made a comment in the last three weeks and it never appeared on the site, I’m really sorry. I just discovered that there were 42 comments awaiting me in moderation. I still haven’t gotten the hang of Disqus and the need to go seek out the moderation queue manually. On the [Read More...]

Would You Like To Join Teresa MacBain, Shelley Segal, and Me in Philosophical Discussion This Summer?

A couple of atheist celebrities joined up for my philosophy class. And there’s still time for you to sign up too! [Read more...]

Welcome Theists and Religious People to Camels With Hammers!

Are you a theist or a religious believer generally? With the attention Camels With Hammers has received this week from Real Clear Religion, , and The Drew Marshall Show, there has been an exciting influx of new religious readers here at this atheist blog. So, I wrote this post (which you can see by clicking on the headline) in order to orient new theists and other religious readers who would like to critically engage with atheists while visiting this blog. I’m delighted to have you here! [Read more...]

Commenting Closed For Weekend As Commenting System Changes Over

Hi everyone. Patheos is switching the blog over to Disquis as its commenting system. As part of this, any comments posted during the transition would get lost. So I have shut down the commenting feature until the switch over is complete in order that no one posts something only to have it get lost. [Read more...]

Oklahoma Atheists Interview Me About Why Philosophy and Civility Matter

Listen to parts one and
two of my interview with the Oklahoma Atheists about the importance of philosophy and the Camels With Hammers Civility Pledge’s origins, meaning, and opponents. Sorry have not been writing much, I will reply to more of the criticisms and insights many are offering around the blogosphere and will generally start writing on more diverse topics again soon. I’ve spent 3 months with distracting housing anxieties that are now thankfully over. [Read more...]

The Camels With Hammers Civility Pledge


A lot of people say civil debate is impossible online. I think it’s vitally necessary. Below are my reasons for writing a civility pledge for people engaged in public discussions about ideas to commit themselves to. I received help from others who may or may not choose to reveal themselves. They have not seen the [Read More...]

Your Options For Studying Philosophy With Me This Winter and Spring

So last month I announced my desire to teach non-matriculated online philosophy classes and set up a survey for interested people to fill out. I’m very grateful that Ed Brayton and Richard Wade also publicized my survey. I have received a heartening amount of interest and tentatively scheduled 5 online courses for you to choose from. If [Read More...]

Study Philosophy With Me In 2013

In 2013, I intend to start teaching students privately online for a much more affordable price than the average college class. I intend to help former religious believers interested in exploring the possibilities for reason-based answers to philosophical questions about the nature of ethics, knowledge, metaphysics, the mind, and the self. In particular I hope to spend [Read More...]