August 4 Camels With Hammers Party In Chicago

Hey everyone, we have had sufficient interest to schedule a get together in Chicago for Camels With Hammers readers on August 4 from about 6pm until whenever. If you can make it go to this Facebook thread and let Mary Jane know. She’s taken charge of the whole affair. Thanks Mary Jane! Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Muppet Cupcakes

As always, I have tons to say. But today I have no time to say it. I’ll be back tomorrow. So, in the meantime, please instead accept those most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, muppetational cupcakes above (courtesy of Vicky), in celebration of Camels With Hammers’ one millionth pageview yesterday afternoon! The millionth pageview happened at the [Read More...]

Top 10 Tips For Bloggers (A Camels With Hammers 3 Year Anniversary Special Post)

Camels With Hammers turns three years old today! On June 23, 2009, I put up my first post on my redesigned, renamed, and relaunched blog (which had formerly been known as Nietzschean Ideas and which had been defunct for a year). The day Camels With Hammers ramped up I was resolved not to blog in obscurity in the only [Read More...]

Video in which I explain my moral philosophy and Nietzsche’s moral philosophy

To celebrate the third anniversary of Camels With Hammers, at midnight tonight I invited Camels With Hammers readers and Facebook friends to join me on BlogTV. I got to describing my metaethics (in the first two videos, ten minutes each) and then explained Nietzsche’s ethics (and the meaning of the “Camel” in “Camels With Hammers”) [Read More...]

5 Philosophical Tips for Atheists

Richard Wade asked me about philosophical concepts atheists should know and about existentialism. I replied by explaining theistic existentialism, atheistic existentialism, how atheists need to avoid reductionist traps, why atheists should not give up on philosophy out of frustration with sophistical theists, and how I would handle cosmological arguments for the existence of God much [Read More...]

The Blogathon Discussions Table of Contents

From yesterday through this morning, over a span of 25 and a half hours without rest, I carried out 18 debates, and interviews. It was an extraordinary experience. I am leaving this post at the top of the blog with links to all the discussions. The topics were wide reaching and exciting and my conversation [Read More...]

Meet The Web Guy Behind Camels With Hammers: An Interview With Dave Smith

This is the third interview and fifth overall post of the Camels With Hammers blogathon on behalf of the Secular Student Alliance. See links to the many diverse conversations from the blogathon, updated throughout the day, at the blogathon conversation table of contents. For this interview, I decided to talk to my webmaster Dave Smith, the [Read More...]

I'm Going To Have A Little Help From My Friends

Tomorrow, it’s on. The most epic blogathon that will ever be blogged. 24 posts in 24 hours. Including posts of conversations held during the blogathon with my friends Ophelia Benson, Richard Carrier, Zinnia Jones, Vyckie Garrison, Shelley Segal, George Waye, Ian Cromwell, Greg Laden, James Gray, Marta Layton, Dave Smith, JT Eberhard, James Croft, Mary [Read More...]

Considered Exclamations for the Secular Student Alliance

A philosophy student and Camels With Hammers fan, Andrew Tripp has joined the blogathon for the Secular Student Alliance! His blogathon is at his personal blog Considered Exclamations. He also sometimes writes for the website In Our Words, A Salon for Queers and co.  Andrew and I met at the Reason Rally and we had a good conversation [Read More...]