Zinnia Jones

I am so proud and delighted to have Zinnia Jones as a new colleague. She has long been one of my top 10 favorite atheist/rationalist YouTubers. I have been so impressed with her videos that I have run them on Camels With Hammers numerous times. If you are looking for some entry points into her large [Read More...]

The Camels With Hammers Blogathon Will Have SPECIAL GUESTS!

So this week atheist blogs from Freethought Blogs and the rest of the internet are going all out to fundraise for the Secular Student Alliance. What most of us will be doing is blogathons starting TODAY!!! We are doing a relay blogathon, something we just invented (it was my idea!) whereby all week different bloggers [Read More...]

How To Read Camels With Hammers Starting in June

This summer I am going to have a lot more time to blog, which means I will be regularly posting both substantive original ideas pieces of my own and also aggregating videos and excerpts of other writing, etc. In order that my original writing does not get drowned out as the blog moves so quickly, [Read More...]

Some Correction and Insight into the Facebook Page Situation

Long story short: the news is not as bad as I thought yesterday. [Read more...]

Don’t Rely on Facebook for Blog Updates. Subscribe or Visit Directly Instead.

Facebook has been an enormous aid to my blogging career. It was through Facebook that I was able to get the word out about my blog posts in the beginning when essentially no one would have known what I was doing otherwise. Then I used Facebook to make connections to a few thousand networking atheists [Read More...]

Blogathon Recap

I’m done! These blogathons are really interesting experiences. It’s hard to generate too much in-depth writing with a new post due every 45 minutes. So, I am ending the blogathon still with a decent sized list of substantive posts I want to write the next few days and weeks. But this was a nice opportunity [Read More...]

Blogathon Halfway Point!

It’s 9pm! I am now halfway through my blogathon! For those of you who have missed any of it, here are the posts so far! 9:45 am Banksy Against Advertisers 10:30 am Best of Tegan and Sara’s “Carpool Confessional” 11:15 am I’m So Sick of Whining About Negative Campaign Ads 12 pm My Thoughts on Obama’s “Evolution” Towards Favoring [Read More...]


I’m back! And ready to get into full swing right away. So every 45 minutes for the next 24 hours I will put up a new blog post. I have nothing pre-written, so everything will be material I generate during the next 24 hours. Feel free to e-mail me topics or leave them in the [Read More...]

Camels With Hammers' New Logo and New Banner

All of this artwork is by Alexander D’Adamo, to whom I am extremely grateful. Here is the official full logo: And here is the coming new banner for the site (which will be a little bigger of course): [Read more...]