My Interview With "Whatever Whatever Amen"

A week and a half ago I had a blast being interviewed by Amy Childs (pictured above) for her podcast Whatever Whatever Amen. You can listen to our conversation here. Below is her description of our conversation topics: Freethought blogger and philosophy professor Dan Fincke talks with me today about all kinds of stuff, like…How attending a [Read More...]

Philosophical Advice Column Still Coming Soon, Keep Submitting Questions

Hi everyone! Sorry for the drop off in posting the last couple days. I will catch up reading your comments and resume posting at normal speed tomorrow. Sometimes a week just is harder than you anticipate going in and then it takes a little while to recuperate from. I just figured while there is not [Read More...]

Coming To Camels With Hammers: Philosophical Advice and The Return of the TOP Q

As much as I love writing systematic philosophical arguments, I like to keep this blog very dialectical too. The best thinking, in my experience, is done through the multiplication of perspectives. One can be self-conscientiously multi-perspectival in one’s solo thinking, and I try to do that as much as possible in order to give as [Read More...]

On the Qualifications of our Alleged "Diversity Hire", Natalie Reed

I have refrained as much as possible from publicly addressing John W. Loftus’s relentless recent attempts to pick a fight with Freethought Blogs or all his crying persecution every time anyone from Freethought Blogs has the temerity to so much as respond to his unprovoked attacks. But now he just crossed a line by charging [Read More...]

Not Every Blog Is For Everybody

We at Freethought Blogs spend a lot of time talking about blogs and people we like a lot and would love to bring on board to blog with us. From the first of those discussions that I was a part of, I was a strong proponent of our finding a good blogger who escaped the [Read More...]

Computer Problems

Please forgive my uncharacteristic absence from the internet the last four days and possibly for the next four days. My computer died. The customer service of two companies has been abysmal. It’s been a miserable and frustrating few days (including my birthday on Tuesday). In addition to not being able to tend to the blog, [Read More...]

Now That's A Lot of Posts!

  I did it!! This is the 36th post, all written in less than 24 hours and posted within 45 minute intervals until the end, now, when I just got too tired to stay up anymore and decided to put out the last 5 in a half hour. Below is a list of all the [Read More...]

Andrew Sullivan's Article That Convinced Me To Blog

After a few insignificant dabblings with blogging, I read an article by Andrew Sullivan, my blogging role model, which made it click in my head that I needed to blog; that this was a medium perfectly suited to my temperament. The whole article is filled with resonant insights and ruminations. Here’s the part that stuck [Read More...]

Let The First Ever Camels With Hammers Blogathon Begin!

The next 36 posts, ending at 9am tomorrow, will all be written within a 24 hour period. They will be posted 45 minutes apart. I started writing an hour ago (at 8am), so I will finish writing the posts due for 8:15 and 9am tomorrow by 8am tomorrow. Please keep the suggestions and Your Thoughts [Read More...]