Camels With Hammers Banner Update

So I asked Alex D’Adamo, the graphic artist who made for me the brilliant Camels With Hammers logo we have all become so accustomed to since it debuted in the fall, to make a Facebook Timeline cover version of it for me and to tinker with the site banner to work in the atheist A [Read More...]

Dawkins Responds To Me

Today starts a much easier two weeks for me with respect to traveling and lecturing, as several of the schools I teach at either have spring break or days off for Easter, so even though I will still have a lot of other academic chores to attend to, you can nonetheless expect me to be blogging [Read More...]

Rumors of My Imminent Departure From Freethought Blogs Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

But you probably figured that out yourself. I’m just tickled that I was satirized so well—so very, very well—by Dana Hunter who delightfully took the time to learn a little about my philosophy and blogging and to humorously capture my weaknesses for enthusiasm and idealism. Here’s her fictional account of me explaining the reasoning behind my [Read More...]

What Richard Carrier Really Thinks

So, mercifully April Fool’s Day is over. And as you probably figured out, I lied in my post about Richard Carrier being a close friend of mine and running for Congress as an extreme libertarian who considers it an “enslavement” of the American people when they are taxed for the sake of clean air, supports [Read More...]

Your Thoughts?

This is an open thread. Talk about whatever you like. Resume any discussion of issues you didn’t feel like were resolved in previous comments threads. If you’re a reader who has never really introduced yourself, it would be great if you told me a little about yourself. You can also share Your Thoughts on Camels [Read More...]

Camels With Hammers At The Reason Rally

So next weekend is, of course, the Reason Rally in Washington, DC. If you can make it, please consider doing so as it is a huge opportunity for American atheists nationwide to make our presence known in our capitol—a place where, in the 21st Century, secularism is increasingly and appallingly treated like a dirty word [Read More...]

My Interview With "Whatever Whatever Amen"

A week and a half ago I had a blast being interviewed by Amy Childs (pictured above) for her podcast Whatever Whatever Amen. You can listen to our conversation here. Below is her description of our conversation topics: Freethought blogger and philosophy professor Dan Fincke talks with me today about all kinds of stuff, like…How attending a [Read More...]

Philosophical Advice Column Still Coming Soon, Keep Submitting Questions

Hi everyone! Sorry for the drop off in posting the last couple days. I will catch up reading your comments and resume posting at normal speed tomorrow. Sometimes a week just is harder than you anticipate going in and then it takes a little while to recuperate from. I just figured while there is not [Read More...]

Coming To Camels With Hammers: Philosophical Advice and The Return of the TOP Q

As much as I love writing systematic philosophical arguments, I like to keep this blog very dialectical too. The best thinking, in my experience, is done through the multiplication of perspectives. One can be self-conscientiously multi-perspectival in one’s solo thinking, and I try to do that as much as possible in order to give as [Read More...]