Now That's A Lot of Posts!

  I did it!! This is the 36th post, all written in less than 24 hours and posted within 45 minute intervals until the end, now, when I just got too tired to stay up anymore and decided to put out the last 5 in a half hour. Below is a list of all the [Read More...]

Andrew Sullivan's Article That Convinced Me To Blog

After a few insignificant dabblings with blogging, I read an article by Andrew Sullivan, my blogging role model, which made it click in my head that I needed to blog; that this was a medium perfectly suited to my temperament. The whole article is filled with resonant insights and ruminations. Here’s the part that stuck [Read More...]

Let The First Ever Camels With Hammers Blogathon Begin!

The next 36 posts, ending at 9am tomorrow, will all be written within a 24 hour period. They will be posted 45 minutes apart. I started writing an hour ago (at 8am), so I will finish writing the posts due for 8:15 and 9am tomorrow by 8am tomorrow. Please keep the suggestions and Your Thoughts [Read More...]

Camels With Hammers Blogathon Tomorrow (1/11/12)

Tomorrow, I’ve decided to get back up to my full daily blogging speed again by blogging around the clock for 24 hours in a blogathon. I think it is customary to write a post every half an hour in a blogathon, but I’d like to be able to pull off a few longer, more substantive [Read More...]

Camels With Hammers From 2011 To 2012

Welcome to the future everybody! I had a really great 2011 on multiple levels. Not least of all was the tremendous growth of Camels With Hammers, and an incomparably huge part of that growth was the move to Freethought Blogs. I am extraordinarily grateful to Ed and PZ for taking this chance on me and proud of [Read More...]

See You in the New Year

Hi everybody. Sorry my posting has remained sparse this month. Wrapping up the semester for 9 classes’ worth of students is proving more grueling and time intensive than teaching the 9 classes all semester was. Plus, the family needs time over the holidays. Fortunately, the blog has been in Eric’s extremely capable hands. So, possibly [Read More...]

Welcome Eric Steinhart Back To Camels With Hammers

Eric Steinhart, has not posted yet since Camels With Hammers moved to Freethought Blogs and for a while we did not have the archives of his articles available. I am excited to announce that Eric will be coming back this week to fill for me while I am sick. And you can now read his [Read More...]

Sick. Please Catch Up On Previous Posts While I Take A Short Hiatus

Well, it was bound to happen. I’m finally sick. For over 3 months now I’ve been working 6 days a week teaching 9 sections of philosophy at 5 schools which are spread over 4 land masses in 3 states, all while devoting Sundays and late nights and early mornings to writing near daily philosophical essays [Read More...]

Hemant Mehta Declares WAR on Freethought Blogs!

Hemant Mehta, the internet’s friendly neighborhood atheist linked to a really interesting article on the founding of Patheos and the philosophy of its founders. They come across more as outsiders to religion sincerely devoted to providing accuracy and quality in the presentation of a range of viewpoints and to accomplishing the Herculean task of getting the [Read More...]