In Which I Answer Leah Libresco's Moral Philosophy Concerns So You Don't Become A Catholic Too

Leah Libresco was an irreligious person with little interest in religious issues until as a Yale undergraduate she began dating a Catholic, reading Catholic theology and apologetics, and going to church with him. She wrote a blog about her process of weighing Catholicism against atheism. Recently, she converted to Catholicism. I have previously analyzed some of [Read More...]

How Foolish Atheists Convinced The Atheist Blogger Leah Libresco That Catholic Philosophy Was Rationally Superior To Atheism

On Friday I am finally going to put up an extensive post dissecting the philosophical arguments that atheist blogger Leah Libresco has either made or referred to in defending and explaining her decision to convert to Catholicism. But first this post will make some more important preliminary points about the inadequacy of the reasons for [Read More...]

Cristina Rad Is Here!

The brash, blunt, hilarious, and hard hitting Romanian atheist vlogger Cristina Rad has joined Freethought Blogs! Here is her famous YouTube channel ZOMGitsCriss. Here is her very good American Atheists convention speech. The last 7 minutes she argues for the legalization of all hard drugs. She has also been on TV. Below she appeared on [Read More...]

I Participated In A Video Conversation on the TAM Controversy

I joined PZ Myers, Al Stefanelli, Greg Laden, Ian Cromwell, Jason Thibeault, Ophelia Benson, Rebecca Watson, and Stephanie Zvan for a discussion about the recent controversies in the movement related to sexual harassment policies and conferences. Specifically we were focused on the tensions resulting from recent remarks DJ Grothe made blaming women’s online discussions of harassment for a precipitous drop in women’s registrations [Read More...]

Lord Cthulhu Comes To Camels With Hammers: An Interview With PZ Myers

Mysterion Rises Get More: SOUTH PARKEric Cartman,Mysterion,more…   PZ Myers of Pharyngula needs no introduction. The interview with him below was done as part of a blogathon to support the Secular Student Alliance. Please donate to this worthy organization! And see more links to the many diverse conversations from the blogathon, updated throughout the day, at [Read More...]

Secular Lobbyist Sean Faircloth on "A New Strategy For Secularism"

Sean Faircloth is the author of Attack of the Theocrats! How the Religious Right Harms Us All- —and What We Can Do About It. He makes a strong argument about where our focus and priorities should be in the political aspect of the atheist movement going forward: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

It's "A" Week on Facebook!

All this upcoming week (March 18-24), it’s time to sport this beautiful “A” for Atheist (or another of your own or another’s devising). in celebration of “A” Week! “A” Week is a chance for atheists to proudly make our non-belief known to our friends and families. I have a special fondness for “A” Week (as [Read More...]

My Interview With "Whatever Whatever Amen"

A week and a half ago I had a blast being interviewed by Amy Childs (pictured above) for her podcast Whatever Whatever Amen. You can listen to our conversation here. Below is her description of our conversation topics: Freethought blogger and philosophy professor Dan Fincke talks with me today about all kinds of stuff, like…How attending a [Read More...]

You Glance Out Your Window and See a Shackled Black Slave and a Slavery-Justifying Bible Verse. What Do You Think?

I am surprised that even having read Sikivu Hutchinson’s detailed and eloquent denunciation of the American Atheists’ billboard featuring a vividly depicted bound African American slave beneath a Bible verse endorsing slavery, a fair amount of people still don’t seem to understand quite what was so wrong with it. So, below the offending picture, I’m [Read More...]