Hitchens's Pain Over Iraq

One of the darkest stains on Christopher Hitchens’s legacy is his support for the Iraq War. Andrew Sullivan, a close friend of Hitchens who also mistakenly supported the war, attended a memorial service for him and reported back: [Martin] Amis spoke of Christopher’s private struggle with his embrace of the Iraq war. He never recanted [Read More...]

Christopher Hitchens Would Have Turned 63 Today

My thoughts on his passing. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Christopher Hitchens On Visiting Kim Jung-il's Nightmarish North Korea

Here is an article he wrote on North Korea. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]


      for Christopher Hitchens, by Helen Sotriadis of Too Many Tribbles. ©2011 helen sotiriadis. View the photo “in the dark”. More of her photos inspired by Christopher Hitchens are here. See a video slideshow of more of her photos here. [Read more...]

Christopher Hitchens and Freethinking Parenting At Its Best

One of our last, and by far the most touching, videos we have of Christopher Hitchens comes from the Texas Freethought Convention this past October. Watching him with the charmingly and precociously smart little girl in the video, he is downright grandfatherly: Mason was interviewed afterward: Why did you decide it was important to ask [Read More...]

Hitchens's Eulogists and Detractors

When Hitchens was asked earlier this year “whether he felt he had been a good person”: he gave a dismissive shrug: “Not particularly.” For that definition to apply, he said, the world expects a good deal of selflessness. “And while no one scores very high on that, I score lower than most.” He had seen his [Read More...]

A Few Christian Replies to Hitchens’s Death Worth Noting

Shortly before Christopher Hitchens’s death, Andrew Sullivan movingly reminisced about him and gave a sense of how their friendship was so strong despite such differing views on faith: [Read more...]

Hitch-22 As Read By Hitchens Himself

On YouTube you can listen to Christopher Hitchens read his entire memoir Hitch-22 to you. Got an afternoon? Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Hitchens on Mother Theresa, Hitler, and Immortality

Few of those left on the planet can say this much this true this well, in just 7 minutes: His documentary take down of Mother Theresa can be seen here. [Read more...]