My Pennsylvania Atheists/Humanists Talk On Empowerment Ethics

Above is my talk on “Empowerment Ethics” at the Pennslyvania Atheists/Humanists Conference. I was a bit rushed from the start by the 30 minute time limit, which is an extraordinarily small space to try to say anything of substance. But then at 12 minutes in the time keeper erroneously told me I had only 5 [Read More...]

Tegan and Sara on Growing up Gay

I love these two women so much. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Raising (Actual) Humanists

After my contribution to the ongoing discussions on Patheos Atheism about how to introduce religion and atheism to kids, Dale McGowan made an excellent contribution called Raising (Actual) Freethinkers that I each agreed with, learned from, and wanted to differ from. In my first post I primarily framed things as a rejection of the common [Read More...]

Not All Who “Lack Belief in Gods” Are Atheists

1. On Those Atheists Who Claim Only to “Lack Belief” in Gods, Rather Than Positively Disbelieve in Gods or Know There are No Gods. A lot of atheists say that atheism means simply a “lack of beliefs in gods” and that rather than either “disbelieve in gods” or affirm that no gods exist they rather just [Read More...]

Ben Affleck’s Argo Is Misleading about Iranian History

Kaveh Mousavi is an Iranian ex-Muslim blogger. Today his blog On the Margin of Error has officially arrived on the Atheist Channel on Patheos. To introduce him to the channel, I invited him to guest post for a week. Here is his final post. While Ben Affleck was acting as the defender of Muslims, as he got himself involved in a [Read More...]

Jerry Seinfeld Mocks The Advertising Industry While Accepting Award From It

Jerry Seinfeld was awarded a Clio by the advertising industry and decided to take the chance to express his contempt for it with a thoroughly sarcastic speech: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Maher, Harris, Aslan, Affleck, Kristof: An Atheist Reformist Iranian’s View

“I am an ally of moderate Muslims. No, I’m actually not their ally, I’m their pawn, I’m their meat fodder. My atheism, so far, has never brought me in direct danger of death, but my support for reformists has. If anyone reads my blog they will see I devote more energy to defending reformists than I do to defending atheism.” [Read more...]

Iran: The Uncertain Nation

An Iranian lives life feeling as if someone has raised their hand to slap them, and they really might slap them, but right now they’re just holding their hands mid-air and not bringing it down. [Read more...]

My Thoughts On Liberty

I’m delighted to announce that one of my favorite bloggers, Iranian ex-Muslim and close personal friend of mine, Kaveh Mousavi will be bringing his On The Margin of an Error blog here to Patheos on the Atheism channel starting next week! In order to introduce Kaveh to you, I am giving over Camels With Hammers to him for the next week [Read More...]