A Personal Relationship With Jesus

I’ve had the privilege to see Vyckie Garrison give the speech above twice (and to read it over in advance of her giving it). In it she explains how the warning signs that a domestic violence counselor asked her about in order to assess the health of her marriage all involved things that Vyckie and her [Read More...]

“The horrific beatings didn’t begin until my parents joined the Baptist church and gave up drinking.”

M. Dolon Hickmon recalls how thanks to authoritarian Christianity, the child abuse he endured was not alcohol-induced but faith-induced: For me, the photos of the injuries Adrian Peterson inflicted on his young son stirred a particularly difficult memory: In it, I stand at the foot of my parent’s bed, frail and blond. Behind me, my [Read More...]

The Faith of a Child

The following is a guest post from Alexandra, an ex-Christian. I have tried to narrow down precisely what it was that led me to abandon my faith many times, in vain. This is because there was not one idea, there was not one final nail in the coffin – rather my faith was buried in a deluge of [Read More...]

Sam Harris’s “#EstrogenVibe” Remark Wasn’t The Journalist’s Fault (EVENT VIDEO)

In Sam Harris’s defense of his remarks that had unintended but nonetheless real sexist implications which I explicated in detail Monday), he stressed that the remark about atheism not having that “extra estrogen vibe” (for which he was, in his words, “savaged” on Twitter with the hashtag #estrogenvibe), was “spoken in a tone that acknowledged [Read More...]

On Sam Harris’s Reply to Feminist Critics

Monday, I wrote a post on Sam Harris’s controversial remarks about women quoted in The Washington Post. Moments after I posted, I was alerted to Sam’s explanation of himself. In this post, I give my thoughts about his follow up post. I was recently interviewed onstage at George Washington University by Michelle Boorstein, a religion reporter for the Washington [Read More...]

On Criticizing Your Own Side Without Being A Traitor

My intention in my post from yesterday was decidedly not to write Sam Harris off as a sexist and a terrible person. I couldn’t think of any more desirable outcome of the current controversy than that Harris internalize the criticisms I laid out and come out of this a better spokesperson for all atheists (including [Read More...]

Sam Harris, The Criticism of Bad Ideas, and Sexist Appeals To Biology

This section of a recent Washington Post article has caused a lot of controversy in the atheist community this past weekend: I also asked Harris at the event why the vast majority of atheists — and many of those who buy his books — are male, a topic which has prompted some to raise questions [Read More...]

10 Highlights of My 1st 2 Years at Patheos

Please support Camels With Hammers with a $10/month subscription! Earlier in the year Patheos turned 5 years old and they asked us bloggers to reflect on our time here and its highlights. I never got around to finishing the post I started to write at the time. So, I decided to post it today, the 2 [Read More...]

Christians as Immoralists

Nietzsche provocatively labels himself an “immoralist”. This is something gleefully seized upon by theists who absurdly think that the logical result of atheism is a total rejection of all morality. Possibly the most famous and unapologetic of all philosophical atheists himself declared himself an “immoralist”! And the word “immoralist” is simply assumed to mean “one who rejects all morality”. So, there you have it. The [Read More...]