What A Fair and Balanced Debate on Climate Change Would Look Like

John Oliver illustrates a key point effectively at the end of this video. It’s not a very funny segment. But it makes an important point about what proper balance looks like in representing a scientific issue in the media: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Join Me In The 5th Circle of Atheist Hell

Andrew at Laughing At Purgatory explains my place in the fifth ring of atheist hell: Fifth Ring of Hell: Other Atheists Some may have issue with my placing other of the godless so deep in the 9 Rings. Are other atheists have really as bad as living in the Bible belt or worse than having to listen [Read More...]

Empowerment Ethics: “How Can We Find External Criteria To Assess Morality’s Truth and Authority?”

The post below is part of a series of posts and originally appeared on Secularite. My personal journey to developing an ethical theory began with my rejection of my religious faith. I committed then to an unsparing skepticism about morality’s truth and authority that was willing to patiently remain a moral skeptic until I could find [Read More...]

“God’s Not Dead” Fans, I Dare You To Study The Existence of God With Me, a Real Atheist Philosophy Professor.

This post is periodically updated from its original to keep the information current. I spent 11 years teaching philosophy at universities and I am an outspoken atheist blogger. So, I took special interest in the mean-spirited mischaracterization of people like me in the evangelical Christian movie God’s Not Dead, in which an atheist philosophy professor [Read More...]

Morally Bad Atheists Don’t Refute Atheism

On Monday I wrote a post in which I argued that since Christians claim that they are recipients of the Holy Spirit or “born again” or “infused with grace”, or something similar depending on the denomination, that they are making an empirical claim by which to test the truth of Christianity. They make pretensions to [Read More...]

Empowerment Ethics: “Who Is Anyone To Tell Others What To Do?”

The post below originally appeared onSecularite. My inaugural “Empowerment Ethics” post was greeted with the following hostile response on a friend’s Facebook timeline: Why do I have a problem with this? Could it be that I have an expectation that anyone suggesting a moral path for others start by cleaning his/her own glass house? Mr. [Read More...]

A Debate Whether Death Is Final. (With Sean Carroll and Steve Novella on the Skeptical Side)

Sean Carroll’s description: This is an Intelligence Squared debate, which is a series of Oxford-style formal debates that are held around the world, often with quite impressive participants. Four people, two on each side of a resolution. Seven-minute opening statements, round-table discussion, then two-minute closing statements. No slides or other visual aids; just bare-knuckle combat in the [Read More...]

“You Must Have Mistakenly Left The Perfect Christ Because The Fallible Church Hurt You”

One of the very most irritating things Christians do is infer that all those who reject Christianity must have had a bad experience with the church and then “mistakenly rejected Jesus for the church’s sins”. With guilty handwringing and desperation they throw their fellow Christians under the bus and plead, “Don’t reject God because of [Read More...]

Empowerment Ethics: “What Is Empowerment Ethics?”

Dan Fincke Empowerment Ethics Camels With Hammers

I am a moral philosopher developing a distinctive approach to humanistic ethics, within the larger family of philosophical views called “perfectionism”. I call my view “Empowerment Ethics” and in a series of posts, each with “Empowerment Ethics” in the title, I am defending and developing every aspect of it here at Camels With Hammers. Keep [Read More...]