20 Christian Academics Speaking About God

So many religious believers I encounter want to cite the existence of smart religious people as proof enough that their beliefs are rational. Below is a video just demonstrating how unintelligible, contradictory, or explicitly anti-reason many otherwise brilliant and highly credentialed scholars sound when they start actually explaining the religious beliefs that laypeople want to [Read More...]

What I Think About "Evangelical Atheism"

In my “What I Think About” series I am laying out many theses I have argued for extensively on this blog. I have already covered some of my key views on objective values, faith and religion, science and faith, religious moderates and liberals, and why I call myself a gnostic theist/agnostic adeist.  In this post I overview my position [Read More...]

Scientists Examine Evidence For Scientology

The results are shocking: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Red Neck, Blue Collar, Atheist

Hank Fox (who is one of my exciting new Freethought Blogs neighbors) wrote a book called Red Neck, Blue Collar, Atheist: Simple Thoughts About Reason, Gods and Faith which he plugs hilariously in the video below: [Read more...]

What I Think About The Existence of God

In my “What I Think About” series, I am providing a compendium for my blogging up until now on key issues in atheism, philosophy of religion, and moral philosophy. In each post, I provide a short summary of my key positions and then offer links to the posts where I argue in greater depth for [Read More...]

What I Think About Faith And Religion

Yesterday, I wrote a post to orient readers to my views on how values can be matters of fact. This afternoon I wrote 6 more such posts, delineating my positions on a number of other key topics which can serve as introductions and reference guides (with links) to my thinking. They are on the topics of the [Read More...]

How Atheists Treat Religious Dictates As Holy

Greta Christina has a fine inaugural post at her new Freethought Blogs site.  It is on the real difference between being diplomatic towards religious people and being an accommodationist who gives the religious everything they want, even if it contradicts one’s own personal positions: Diplomacy means working with religious believers as equals. Accomodationism means bending to religion [Read More...]

Addressing Skepticism About Atheism's Value To Skepticism

In reply to my post last week about why atheism is important to advancing proper skepticism, Armchair Skeptic writes: You touch on some good points here. It would help, I think, if you start by defining what you consider to be “proper” skepticism; I didn’t really get a clear understanding of that from this post. [Read More...]


Genis Carreras renders various philosophical views down to pastels in predominantly geometric shapes.  I’m not sure if his representation of atheism is supposed to be an upside down cross or a middle finger (or if atheism should really be represented primarily by its opposition to Christianity or to the symbolic connotations of the cross, and [Read More...]