Dawkins Debunking The Story Of Noah’s Ark

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How Belief In “Theistic Evolution” Is Nearly As Much A Denial Of Science As Creationism

One often hears the refrain that it’s possible to believe in both God and evolution.  And it is in fact true, both psychologically and, more importantly, logically, that one may both believe in God and in evolution. Psychologically we have ample evidence that plenty of people believe in both and logically it is clear that [Read More...]

The (Jesuit) Father Of The Big Bang Theory

Recently, on Facebook, I boiled down my philosophical and scientific objections to theistic evolution to pithy status update size and received a good deal of discussion as a result. I plan to edit, reprint, and possibly expand upon my remarks on theistic evolution on Camels With Hammers soon. But in the meantime, I wanted to [Read More...]

True Believers In Heaven

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Refutation Of Irreducible Complexity Arguments

The great Qualia Soup is back, with a video explaining the problems with the anti-evolution arguments which rely on the idea of irreducible complexity. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

In Defense Of Offering The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

PZ Myers has put online the text of an impassioned speech he recently gave against accommodationism.  It’s a must-read so read it in full and pass it on to your friends.  Here’s the gist: Shouldn’t we move beyond just reacting to every assault by Idiot America on science education, and honestly look at the root [Read More...]

Total Moral Bankruptcy

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Happy National Coming Out Day 2010!

Today is National Coming Out Day, a day for gays to come out of the closet and so just as we did last year, here at Camels With Hammers we will be supporting gays and lesbians the world wide by featuring mostly content related to gay issues. People ask me often why I write so [Read More...]

Christopher Hitchens At His Most Scathing

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