NonStampCollector Issues A Challenge To Monotheists

In a nutshell, the question is, what proof is there that there is one god and not multiple? Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Christopher Hitchens’s First Interview Since His Cancer Diagnosis

He’s admirable and fascinating as ever.  Here’s hoping we have him for a long time still. His article on the subject of his illness, in Vanity Fair is also poignant and illuminating: The notorious stage theory of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, whereby one progresses from denial to rage through bargaining to depression and the eventual bliss of [Read More...]

My Perfectionistic, Egoistic AND Universalistic, Indirect Consequentialism (And Contrasts With Other Kinds)

A consequentialist assesses the ultimate worth of all the various features of our ethical lives according to whether or not they bring about some specific intrinsic good or goods that the consequentialist judges to be of primary value. All the various valuable features of our lives have their ultimate value with respect to how they [Read More...]

Christopher Hitchens: “Some Confessions and Contradictions”

Hitchens discusses his memoir Hitch-22: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Dan Dennett’s Response To Rick Warren

4 years old, but evergreen: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

The Implausible And Disturbing Message The Christian Tells Her Child

The Thinking Atheist presents “Welcome To This World” Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Larry David On Religion (Post Fixed)

Hi everyone, I apologize that earlier when I tried to post this video, it came up as just code and not an actual video. The blog was on automatic pilot as I was on vacation and so I missed the error. Here now is the video promised to you yesterday afternoon. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Gay Sex And Reality

Recently a University of Illinois adjunct professor in a course on Catholicism got into unfairly lost his job over expressing his philosophical opposition to homosexuality in an e-mail to his student in what seems to me like a pretty clear violation of academic freedom. As to the substance of his arguments though, PZ Myers does [Read More...]

Qualia Soup On Skewed Views Of Science

An old Qualia Soup video I missed in the past.  Thanks to Critical Thinker for the heads up. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]