On Secular Uses Of Hallowing Halls

Daniel Fincke Academic Robes 2010

  A federal judge has ruled that a public school cannot hold its ceremony in a church building: [Bridgeport-based federal judge Janet] Hall ruled that use of the church for graduation violates the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, even though some of the symbols were to be covered. Earlier this year, members of the Enfield Board of [Read More...]

American Academy Of Pediatrics Reverses Support For Female Circumcision “Compromise”

The American Academy of Pediatrics had proposed permitting American doctors to ritually “nick” the clitorises of girls whose parents want to maintain their customs in America.  The thinking was that this compromise would prevent such parents from going underground to have a fuller mutilation of the clitoris carried out instead.  Ayaan Hirsi Ali argues that [Read More...]

The Church’s Blatant Contradictions, Past And Present

Christopher Hitchens is concerned that the majority Catholic and secularist-free Supreme Court may have a conflict of interests when it answers the question of whether the Vatican should have sovereign immunity protections to shield it from lawsuits over the sexual abuse carried out within American parishes.  He also is suspicious of Elena Kagan for her [Read More...]

Atheists In Foxholes

While on this day we Americans honor all those service people who have lost their lives fighting for causes of freedom, here’s a special tribute to those who were, or are, willing to risk their lives without even any belief they could get them back if they lost them: Thanks to ChuckyJesus666. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

God Would Understand

What if, against all odds, there really is this omnipotent, omnibenevolent, omniscient, and all-loving God the Christians claim and I were to meet it on a Judgment Day?  The YouTuber “Theoretical Bullshit” expresses, and even advances a bit, my own thoughts on the matter: Thanks to Mary and Shay for the find. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

The Dalai Lama Or The Pope?

Can you tell which quote comes from which religious leader? Thanks to Butterflies and Wheels and Jessica Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Islam Needs An I-Pod

The Amazing Atheist nails it (for the first five minutes anyway and then becomes rather hit and miss, missing the hardest on Ft. Hood): Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Teachers Suspended For Sprinkling “Holy Water” On Atheist Colleague

Last weekend I discussed the incident in which a teacher accused two other teachers of bullying her over her atheism by threatening to sprinkle her with “holy water” (in the form of a bottle of perfume).  I agreed with the atheist teacher’s assessment that she was being bullied but did not think the passive aggressive [Read More...]

Do Atheists Believe In Fairy Tales?

Brett Palmer patiently distinguishes the difference between a hypothesis and a fairy tale: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]