Drinking The Half Full Glass: On The Mets’ loss last night

During the regular season I look at losses like last night as unfortunate but overall good games. Any night where Delgado hits two homeruns, where the Mets tear into the leading Cy Young candidate, where Reyes is getting on base multiple times and the Mets are getting timely hits behind him or he is driving [Read More...]

NLCS Game 2

The Mets win this game and the series is effectively over. No way the Cardinals will come back from a 2-0 deficit, having already lost a Carpenter start. But can the Mets beat Carpenter? With his ~4.70 road ERA instead of his ~1.80 home ERA, I am much happier to face him. And even before [Read More...]

Mets 2, Cardinals 0

That was tonight’s score for the game. It will be tomorrow night’s score for the series. Beautiful defense for the Mets tonight. Just a joy to watch. Great to see Beltran get his first big hit of the postseason. I knew it was just a matter of time. Really relieved that Glavine got out with [Read More...]

Tigers Continue To Maul A’s

Since the domination of the Tigers over the Yankees in game 3 of the ALDS it’s looked to me like a fait accompli that the Tigers were going to steamroll their way to the World Series. I wasn’t giving the A’s a chance in my mind. And now that the A’s have lost the first [Read More...]

RIP Corey Lidle

Terrible, terrible news today. Former Blue Jay, sometimes great, often mediocre, and famously controversial pitcher dies when his plane crashes into a building in Manhattan. Many, including his former pitching coach (and present Mets pitching coach), Rick Peterson are saying that “this puts into perspective” the relative importance of baseball in the grand scheme of [Read More...]

League Championship Predictions

Tigers over A’s in 5 Mets over Cardinals in 5 I was totally wrong in 3 of the 4 Division Series predictions but am terribly happy to be right about the one I was essentially right about (Mets win!) and the most important instance of my wrongness! (Yankees lose!) [Read more...]

The “I Love The 80s” League Championship Series’

If we count decades in the sort of technical way that some sticklers want us to, the year 2000 was the last year of the previous century and millenium and, therefore, decade. If we count that way, then we can consider this decade to only consist thusfar of the years 2001-2006. And so far in [Read More...]


I so knew they’d win this game tonight. Never doubted it. After going up 2-0, this was a foregone conclusion they’d take the series and a great likelihood they’d do it in a sweep! So excited. So proud of these Mets, they’re such a great comeback team. LET’S GO METS!!!! [Read more...]

Congratulations Division Series Champion Tigers!!!!!

Thanks for making me (and many others) wrong! What a glorious baseball story! Here’s hoping for a Tigers-Mets series with the Mets on top! [Read more...]