for Christopher Hitchens, by Helen Sotriadis of Too Many Tribbles. ©2011 helen sotiriadis. View the photo “in the dark”. More of her photos inspired by Christopher Hitchens are here. See a video slideshow of more of her photos here. [Read more...]

Somebody’s Parents Must’ve Just Run Into Marty McFly In The Past

From, via. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

The Rise Of Islamo-Erotica

(Image: “God Is Great” by Makan Emadi) Betwa Shermer has a really interesting piece about Muslim artists in America who incorporate nudes into their art.  Defenses of nudity in art as permissible by Islamic standards: The Lebanese-born artist, who now lives in New York, insists that the taboo stems from a conservative society and not [Read More...]

A Year Of Photos By Helen Sotiriadis

Regular readers of the blog toomanytribbles (which some of you, like I, may follow on Planet Atheism) are likely familiar with Helen Sotiriadis’s daily project of taking and blogging a photograph a day in 2009.  When the year was over she provided a video retrospective of the entire year in photos: Since so many gorgeous [Read More...]

Beautiful Art From Toxic Chemicals

Tree Hugger explains and showcases some of the imaginative work of Algis Kemezys: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Frog Lit Up By Christmas Light

Photo by James Snyder.  Many more gorgeous shots from National Geographic (here this came from). Found on Neatorama. [Read more...]

Joshua Hoffine Explores Childhood Fears

Happy Halloween everybody!  Enjoy the stunningly gorgeous and horrifying photography of Joshua Hoffine which brings alive childhood fears: Even more collected here and explore the artist’s blog and order prints here. Your Fears? [Read more...]

Heads Up

See bigger, in greater detail. [Read more...]

Photos In Honor Of World Animal Day (October 16)

See 40 more extraordinarily beautiful animal photos like this one. Photo: Reuters/Ina Fassbender. [Read more...]