Should Atheist Parents Set Out To Raise Atheists?

There has been a lot of thoughtful discussion on Patheos’s atheist portal the last few days about how atheist parents should present the subject of religion to their kids. You can read Wendy Thomas Russell’s posts here and here, Kaveh Mousavi’s here and here, and Libby Anne’s here. As a professional philosophy educator with a [Read More...]

Education Funding: Where Two Fundamental American Ideals Completely Conflict.


In response to the viral letter from a 1%-er complaining about poor kids trick or treating in her neighborhood, Libby Anne talks about the way that poor children are deliberately and systematically disadvantaged by explicit policies related to education in this country. She talks about the case of her own daughter’s school district: My kindergartener [Read More...]

Beyond Religion To Philosophy


Since I began teaching interactive online videoconference philosophy classes of my own in January 2013, year round I have offered a popular class called Philosophy for Atheists. That class is meant to give atheists an introduction to philosophy, a history of philosophy, and a counter-apologetics oriented philosophy of religion class all rolled into one. It’s [Read More...]

Accessible Philosophy For Everyone

As promised, on Sunday I went on the radio show Atheists Talk to discuss the value of philosophy, the role of philosophy in my own life, my views on several philosophical issues, and my efforts to make philosophy accessible through my online classes. Mike Haubrich, who invited me on the show and interviewed me, and Brianne Bilyeu were very [Read More...]

Philosophical Advice For Overcoming Intellectual Insecurity

As a professional educator and lifelong learner, dealing with the specter of intellectual insecurity in my students and myself is one of the things I spend a lot of time doing. Here are key changes in beliefs, attitudes, and habits that I recommend concentrating on in overcoming this wholly unnecessary, self-defeating roadblock to self-empowerment and feeling [Read More...]

Exclusively Read My Systematic Take on the God Debates

Sunday I started writing and posting my essays for my new all-written, online-forum style class on the existence of God, and participating in the forum with the students there. It’s been fantastic so far. I’ve never been one to write out my lectures before speaking them before so this written only forum is allowing me [Read More...]

Last Chance To Sign Up For My Class On God’s Existence!

Register here. As I announced several weeks ago, I’m going to be teaching a cheap (only $59) class inviting both theists and atheists to look at the best arguments for and against the existence of God with me. The class will not be my usual videoconference format but instead will involve exclusive written lectures from [Read More...]

Important Schedule Changes For My Summer Online Classes

Daniel Fincke Online Philosophy Classes

As many readers know by now, I teach online philosophy classes available to the public. The classes are non-matriculated (i.e., there’s no college credit for taking them). They are a chance to get very individualized attention from me. The classes I run on my own, completely independently of any university or program are done using [Read More...]

“God’s Not Dead” Fans, I Dare You To Study The Existence of God With Me, a Real Atheist Philosophy Professor.

New Classes in January 2015! Enroll Now! Select a Weekly Class Time and Click Subscribe To Join Now:  Philosophy of Religion Sundays 8am-10am Eastern : $39.99 USD – weekly Philosophy of Religion Tuesdays 2pm-12pm Eastern : $39.99 USD – weekly Philosophy of Religion Thursdays 9am-11am Eastern : $39.99 USD – weekly Philosophy of Religion Thursdays 7pm-9pm Eastern : [Read More...]