A Great Commencement Speech

C-Span has been wonderful tonight. They broadcast the Libertarian Party’s Convention and now they’re showing interesting commencement speeches from around the country. They just finished showing Margaret Edson’s and I think it’s simply a must for teachers and students alike. It meant a whole lot to me. One of the two best commencement speeches I’ve [Read More...]

Lake of Fire

Whenever I cover the topic of abortion in my ethics classes, I go to great pains to stress to my students the value of a dispassionate inquiry on the subject. I discourage use of values charged, question begging language of “pro-choice” and “pro-life” and encourage more descriptive language of “pro-abortion rights” or “anti-abortion rights” as [Read More...]

The Value of an Education

My dad just sent me a link to an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education for my thoughts. After writing him, I thought I’d share some of my response to him here as well. I’m not an expert on education or educational theory but I do have 12 years of higher education schooling between [Read More...]