Hammer Out Your Philosophy Face to Face with Dr. Daniel Fincke This Summer

Daniel Fincke Red Couch

In this post I report back on how my online classes have been going and link to this new survey which you can fill out if you would like me to teach you philosophy or give you philosophical counseling this summer and/or fall. It’s like reading Camels With Hammers, but instead you’re learning from and arguing with me directly, systematically, and face to face, for a couple hours a week. [Read more...]

The Letter That Will Probably Get Me Fired

In this post, with his gracious permission, I have reposted in full Monte Abbott’s blog post “The Letter That Will Probably Get Me Fired” which originally appeared on his blog Gay Pentecostal Atheist. For many of my own ruminations on my own situation as an adjunct professor, read my post from the beginning of this school year “The Underemployment Crisis and Me”. [Read more...]

How I Teach People To Play Chess

When I teach people to play chess, I make it so I can legitimately win or legitimately lose, and also win either way. [Read more...]

Training Students To Think For Themselves

This summer a wise older philosophy professor was railing about being asked by his administration to specify for each of his courses what the “learning outcomes” would be. He was, essentially, being asked to indicate what the students were going to learn. He found the suggestion preposterous. He insisted he couldn’t know what the students were going to learn. His job was not to predetermine what the students were going to learn. He might know what the basic subject matters and materials of his courses would be; but what would the students learn from them? How could he know that in advance, if they were going to be thinking for themselves, rather than merely regurgitating information? [Read more...]

Careers for Philosophy PhDs Outside of Academia

David E. Storey, PhD

What can you do with a PhD in Philosophy if you don’t become a professor? Dave Storey has a lot of information and ideas on the subject. [Read more...]

Goldiblox: Toys For Creating A Love of Engineering in Girls

An entrepreneurial engineer has designed a fantastic looking toy for creating a love of building in girls. [Read more...]

Fordham Repudiates Ann Coulter

me in my Fordham robes, upon receiving my PhD

As an outspoken atheist and critic of religious beliefs and institutions, I have had nothing but positive experiences with Fordham University as a place of inclusiveness, civility, and academic freedom during my years there as a graduate student and professor. So I was worried when I learned Ann Coulter, a terrible opponent of so many of Fordham’s most admirable values, had been invited to speak on campus. [Read more...]

Philosophy For Children

A short video on the value of teaching philosophy to children: The lack of philosophical education prior to the university level is one of the great overlooked gaps in the American education system. Kylie Sturgess has an article on her experience related to the philosophical education of children. She also links to an audio program [Read More...]

The Underemployment Crisis and Me

I met Zakiya Muwwakkil as we were both receiving our PhDs from Fordham University on our graduation day in 2010. We hit it off right away. She was receiving her degree in theology and she went on to deconvert from Christianity shortly thereafter. She made this video to raise consciousness about the problem of unemployment [Read More...]