Keeping Girls in Science By Promoting the Value of the Humanities for Tech Majors

  BetaBeat asked girls taking computer programming at Stuyvesant High School about their experiences and got some fantastic replies, like this insightful one from Izzi Clark: I’ve always thought of myself as kind of equally suspended between humanities and math/science, and I think that’s why I found computer science so appealing. Clearly, it involves math [Read More...]

The Best Article I Have Read on the Crisis in the Humanities

Okay, this is from last year. I never blogged it even though it left a huge impression on me. It’s very long and rich. I’m going to reproduce here the very most vital parts, but you should read the whole thing: [Read more...]

What Is Turning Off Women To Academia?

The Guardian reports on high rates of disenchantment with academia among PhD students (and women PhD students in particular) by the time they are several years into their programs: Men and women show radically different developments regarding their intended future careers. At the beginning of their studies, 72% of women express an intention to pursue [Read More...]

Mistakes on Standardized Tests, Teachers Ordered Not To Alert Students Unless They Ask

The state of New York makes a baffling, unfair decision in response to an error on a standardized test it’s administering starting today: On the eighth grade test, one question had no correct answer, and schools are instructed to alert students. And on the fourth grade exam, one question has two correct answers. But in [Read More...]

Support Laci Green’s "Clit-ical Thinking"

A happy update: Laci has prevailed and has a great follow up post defending sex education online. ———————————————————– I consider Laci Green one of the ten best atheist YouTube video makers on the internet. Her video “Why Atheists Care About Your Religion” is something of an atheist YouTube classic. That it got her temporarily suspended from [Read More...]

How To Argue With Teens

NPR reports on interesting research on how to grow a kid’s spine and how to weaken it: Teens should be rewarded when arguing calmly and persuasively and not when they indulge in yelling, whining, threats or insults, he says. In Allen’s study, 157 13-year-olds were videotaped describing their biggest disagreement with their parents. The most [Read More...]

Did NYU Fire a Professor for Giving James Franco a D?

The Guardian: A professor who was fired by New York University has filed a lawsuit claiming he was dismissed for giving celebrity student James Franco a D grade for poor attendance. Dr José Angel Santana, who taught as an assistant arts professor on the actor’s graduate film course, says that Franco – who supplements his acting career [Read More...]

Philosophy Students' GRE Scores (Defending Philosophy 3)

In order to take a step towards vindicating the practical value of concentrating on philosophy as an undergraduate student, below are charts on GRE scores, sorted by the subjects students are expecting to study in graduate school (their “Intended Graduate Major”)*. They demonstrate, through quantitative means, that philosophy really does enhance critical thinking and communication [Read More...]

Retroactive Grade Inflation At Loyola Law School

Last year Loyola Law School in Los Angelas decided to help its struggling graduates get jobs in the current miserable market by improving their grades for them retroactively. Loyola’s Law Dean Victor Gold explained at the time: Last week the faculty approved a proposal to modify the grading system. The change will boost by one [Read More...]