Qualia Soup On Skewed Views Of Science

An old Qualia Soup video I missed in the past.  Thanks to Critical Thinker for the heads up. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Changing Minds

Steven Pinker compares current worries that the internet is changing how we think and making it more superficial to previous “moral panics” at the arrival of all other new media, from the printing press to newspapers to television.  (And his examples might as well have gone all the way back to Plato’s mistrust of the [Read More...]

Those Who Can’t Do, Create Knights

Newly knighted, Sir Patrick Stewart explains his debt to a teacher: When asked what had sparked his interest in acting, Sir Patrick replied: ”When I leave here I will be going to a luncheon that has been arranged and sitting on my right will be a man called Cecil Dormand who was my English teacher [Read More...]

Jon Stewart’s 2004 Commencement Speech At William And Mary

Listen here to Jon Stewart’s 2004 commencement speech, delivered at his alma mater The College of William and Mary.  I heard it several years ago and I’ve thought of it often since.  In both his humor and his substance, Dr. Stewart really, really gets it right and gives the graduands the most relevant advice.  Click [Read More...]

Daily Hilarity: Grading Rubric

This is really, really what it’s like to grade: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

A Statement Of My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that the best teachers are both rigorous and kind.  In terms of rigor, my syllabi are usually demanding in terms of the quantity of philosophers and major topics they cover and the quality of readings that they assign.  I give comprehensive exams, demand their writing shows signs of philosophical talent for an A, [Read More...]

Simon Blackburn On Philosophy’s Contributions

In the UK, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills intends to assess “the benefits of postgraduate study for all relevant stakeholders” and “the evidence about the needs of employers for postgraduates.” Philosopher Simon Blackburn answered a request for faculty comments with a letter worth reading in full. A couple highlights: (1) Our postgraduate philosophy [Read More...]

Non-Tenured Faculty’s Freedom Of Speech

Bing posts an interview with AAUP president Cary Nelson about academic freedom concerns of contingent faculty: Being “contingent faculty” myself, I must first say I appreciate at least that Nelson is concerned about us and how we are doing.  But I do not think I heard in what he had to say any concrete information [Read More...]

Learning To Love The Bomb (And Other Advice To Live By From Stephen Colbert)

I identify with Colbert so much in these paragraphs: “The first director I had at Second City said, ‘You have to learn to love the bomb,’ and I didn’t know what he meant for a very long time,” Colbert says. “But there’s something nice about getting to the point where you enjoy the feeling that [Read More...]