Forward Thinking: Were You To Write Self-Defense Laws, What Would They Say?

Forward Thinking is a values development project in which bi-monthly bloggers around the internet are prompted by Libby Anne of Love Joy Feminism or me to write about a topic related to important values, practices, and applied ethics issues. Today, Libby Anne has posted a round up of bloggers’ answers to the question, “What is [Read More...]

Forward Thinking: The Ethics of Challenging Each Other’s Identities

In this post I explore some of the ways that our beliefs, values, commitments, behaviors, etc. constitute ourselves and how our commitments to various ideas, institutions and practices, etc. also contribute fundamentally to our identity. In light of this, I explore the moral difficulties that potentially arise when we intellectually challenge these things. [Read more...]

Forward Thinking: What is the Ethical Relevance of Pride?

“Forward Thinking” is a blog series in which Libby Anne and I prompt bloggers and other commenters to write about their views on values questions. Two weeks ago, Libby Anne prompted posts on our responsibilities to our parents (particularly when their effect on our lives has not been all positive). See what the bloggers had [Read More...]