Daily Hilarity: Protect Yourself With Censorship

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Louis C.K. Shreds Homophobia

Completely NSFW and completely brilliant. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Xenophobia Distilled In Song Form

Maybe when Cartman communicates all these sentiments at once, the xenophobia and racism in them might become a little clearer for all those out there who like to insist that they are of course definitely not racist (how could anyone imply such a thing??) but just wish there were not so many minorities being alive, [Read More...]

The Case For The Republican Party

It’s pretty compelling: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Sundaily Hilarity: Neo-Con Jesus

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Daily Hilarity: Inception A Capella Re-Dub

This made me smile start to finish: Thanks to Pete for the find. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Louie CK On God

Below is Louie CK’s NSFW full episode of his show “Louie” devoted to religion, focusing for the most part on the dubious means by which children in particular are emotionally manipulated through the Roman Catholic Church’s emphasis on the violent death of Jesus which they are told is their fault. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Daily Hilarity: Fake Ad For “Burn A Quran Day”

DC Douglas captures the common denominator between religiously inspired book burning and professional wrestling/monster rally aesthetics: By DC Douglas, via Boing Boing and thanks to Eric. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Daily Hilarity: Jay Pharoah, 50 Impressions

The rumor is this guy will be on SNL next year.  He’s not bad, just needs some better scripting: The impressions continue here. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]