Daily Hilarity: The Truth About The Moon Landing

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Daily Hilarity: New Law Would Ban Marriages Between People Who Don’t Love Each Other

New Law Would Ban Marriages Between People Who Don’t Love Each Other Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Daily Hilarity: When Larry Met Deity

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The Tea Party’s Forebears

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On Confronting The Harsh Truths About Death

My young son asked me what happens after we die. I told him we get buried under a bunch of dirt and worms eat our bodies. I guess I should have told him the truth -that most of us go to Hell and burn eternally – but I didn’t want to upset him. More deep [Read More...]

Daily Hilarity: Dave Chappelle On Depression And “The Secret”

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Daily Hilarity: The Homosexual Menace

The genius who last fall warned us of “The Perils of Lesbianity” now provides a crucial public service announcement about the male homosexual menace: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

The Four Horsemen Of Atheism In Comic Book Form

There are many similarly amusing comics at Virus Comix. And to compare with real life, here’s their full 2 hour video together from a couple years back: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

World War II Riddled With Cliches And Implausible Plot Turns

Via Yglesias, comes this review of World War II: But then there are some shows that go completely beyond the pale of enjoyability, until they become nothing more than overwritten collections of tropes impossible to watch without groaning. I think the worst offender here is the History Channel and all their programs on the so-called [Read More...]

Tom Wilson’s “Over 40 Song”

In the comments section to a recent post, I expressed the existential amazement at our place in the universe and what we really represent within it: I wonder what would be so alienating to you about seeing ourselves as “merely” the self-awareness of the logos of the universe as it (in Hegelian fashion) becomes self-conscious [Read More...]