Daily Hilarity: Eve Just Wants To Be Friends

Hilarious: See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. From College Humor, via Atheist Media Blog Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Daily Hilarity: Christopher Walken’s Rendition Of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”

First Cartman, and now Walken is getting his poker face on: [Read more...]

Sleepless In Seattle: The Horror Version

Your Fears? [Read more...]

She-Wolf and He-Wolf

While you watch the video embedded below, also watch the Shakira video for her song “She Wolf”, of which the song below is an impressive “He Wolf” parody.  When I watched them I did so with them exactly synched and it was amazing, he really matched her shot for shot and move for move incredibly well. [Read More...]

Another Special Report From Non-Stamp Collector

When it rains it pours from one of our favorite youtube video makers.  This new one is hilarious and gets it just right.  Through Facebook, I’ve gotten some interesting remarks on Non-Stamp Collector’s previous video an I hope soon to address those (as part of the growing backlog of comments to address).  In the meantime [Read More...]

Daily Hilarity: Douchebag Solidarity

Finally they have found their voice and are ready to tell the world that they’re not going to change for anyone.  Of course, everyone already realized that about them already. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Daily Hilarity: Cartman Sings Poker Face

Someone has reassembled all the pieces of Cartman’s performance of Poker Face into a full scale remix: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

What Does It Matter If People Who Claim To “Know Jesus” Disagree About What Jesus Thinks—Can’t Some Still Be Right?

Last night (or, more technically, “this morning) I posted a Non-Stamp Collector advertisement and as a bonus threw in a video in which he demonstrates the implausibility of people’s claims to have “personal relationships with Jesus” by making the point that people claiming to “know Jesus” constantly contradict each other about exactly what this Jesus [Read More...]

What God Hates

Mike Burstein gets out the word about God’s feelings best of all (via David Fine, found on Filipsagnoli). Your Thoughts? [Read more...]