For Anyone Who Ever Has To Edit Anything

Finally, a more comprehensive set of symbols are available for editors everywhere: Via The Well Written Woman, on Facebook, where you can see the image in a bigger form, if you need. Thanks to Megan for the find. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

A Surprising Revelation For Darth Vader

“I am your mother.” Source. Thanks to Fedwa. I am told the Tunisian blog Yahia Boulahia which created this cartoon regularly skewers Islamists (and particularly those in the Tunisian news). Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Evangelical Heaven

Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

The Pitfalls of Postmodernism

Tony Debono, a Camels With Hammers reader who I enjoyed getting to know after he friended me on Facebook today, wrote and sent me this, which made me smile: [Read more...]

The Valentine Prisoner Dilemma

  xkcd. of course. [Read more...]

"Science" Programming on TV

PhDComics Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

A Cartoon on the Problem of Induction

Kids can be so surprisingly philosophical, can’t they? Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal via LogBlog  Your Thoughts?   [Read more...]

A Graduate Student's Halloween

So true. PhD Comics. [Read more...]

Plan 999 From Outer Space

This put a smile on my face: via Thoughts in a Haystack Your Thoughts? [Read more...]