Poets Read Craisglist Posts

Everything is deeper when poets read it: via The Dish Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Uploading and Religion: Criticism of Stross

by Eric Steinhart Charlie Stross, author of the highly-praised novel Accelerando, has written an interesting skeptical article on the technological singularity. The article makes many good points — except when it comes to “religion”. When it comes to “religion”, specifically religion and mind-uploading, what he says is remarkably silly. Here it is: Uploading … is [Read More...]

Sundaily Hilarity: Carman’s Revival In The Land and A Witch’s Invitation

I’ve been doing a little reminiscing this afternoon about the insanely cheesy contemporary Christian music I was into at 14 years old.  Though I was never a pentecostal and never particularly into “demonology” or other “spirit”-based superstitiousness, these two songs were as cool and edgy as it got for my young fundamentalist Christian brain: Your [Read More...]

Trainwreck of the Day

A couple Christian kids with a nauseating, badly performed anti-atheist song set to “My Humps” (via Greg Laden, whose categorizations of the video say it all about the video’s contents): And then there’s “Don’t Cha Wish Your Savior Was Right Like Mine”: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Daily Hilarity: God’s “Unconditional” Love

This pretty much sums it up: As I have argued before (in Conceptual Problems For The Ideal of Unconditional Love), I think anyone, not just the Christians, would have a hard time making a theory of unconditional love coherent. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Christians vs. Muslim in Front of the White House

Ah, faith-based religion. A video like this shows how we desperately need it for moral guidance. What else could make ordinary people like these behave in such admirable ways? Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

150 Of Film’s Most Remembered Lines

They don’t get much more famous than these: Which is the most famous you didn’t hear? Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Thin-Skinned Author Sues Book Reviewer For Damaging Her Reputation With Bad Review

Apparently in France the legal concept of defamation treats attacks on honor as a form of assault. Karin N. Calvo-Goller, an Israeli author, is taking a German book reviewer to court in France over a four paragraph long negative review on Global Law Books, a New York Web site associated with The European Journal of [Read More...]

Poe or No Poe? “Heaven Sex”

I have been inspired to introduce a new series on Camels With Hammers which I am entitling “Poe or No Poe?” and which will run however frequently or infrequently as proves necessary.  In “Poe or No Poe?” posts, I will offer you lunacy riddled statements from apparent fundamentalists and other extremists around the internet and [Read More...]